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Very few of us have a big budget to spend on a house. We meet the select few who have millions to invest in high-end Real Estate.

Our host takes a couple on a tour of three ritzy mansions, these house hunters are super rich and in search for the perfect luxury home. From bowling alleys to roof-top pools these homes have it all. He has the money and she has the poodle, the eye for detail and a hankering for ultimate luxury.

01-07 June: Episode 3

We meet Cyndi and David, East Coast millionaires looking for a taste of the west coast lifestyle.

They are about to see three fabulous homes in Yorba Linda in beautiful orange county California.

One of them is a 6 bedroom home that comes complete with its own 100 foot waterslide!

Episode 4

Today, meet Fleet Easton; he literally is the Crown Prince of Palm Springs.  he’s a singer & dancer who has worked hard and is now ready to buy his dream home.  Watch the process and see which one of these desert dwellings will seal the deal?

Episode 5

We meet Alysia, an attorney looking to escape the cold wet weather of Seattle for the desert sunshine of palm springs.  She’s attracted to the all year warmer climate of this unique area. She’s about to see three luxury properties in La Quinta California.

Episode 6

We meet newlyweds Cynthia and Doug.   They are looking to move out of their modern home and into something more traditional.  They’re about to see three luxury properties around Los Angeles. A big kitchen and a tennis court is a must.

Episode 7

We meet Ziba, a stay at home enterpriser.   She is looking for the perfect home for her and her husband.   They’re about to see three luxury properties around Los Angeles.  Which one of these million dollar homes will suit their needs?   They see a beautiful modern home in Luxury Bel Air with stunning views and a sleek & sophisticated

Episode 8

We meet million dollar house hunters Erika & Sonny. They just moved from Chicago and are looking for the perfect orange county home for their family.  They are going to see three very unique luxury properties in the OC area.  Will these Chicago transplants find the perfect west coast home?

Episode 9

We meet Hiram & Julissa. They’re about to get married and are looking for a larger home for their merging step family.  They’re about to see three amazing properties in orange county California.

He wants something modern. She wants something traditional.  Who is going to win this family tussle?

Episode 10

We meet sweethearts Jon & lily. They’re looking to move in together.  He needs room for his instruments and she wants a big kitchen. They’re about to see three amazing properties in beverly hills. Will they be able to find their 90210 dream home?

Episode 11

There is something magical about living by the sea. We meet husband and wife duo, leanne & Michael. They are looking for a coastal home now that their children have grown.  They’re about to see three amazing properties in orange county California.  Which one of these sea side sanctuaries will be the one?

Episode 12

Today, we meet million dollar house hunters Patrick and pol. they’re about to see three amazing properties in Malibu. stay tuned!  They have three  luxury properties to check out on this million dollar Malibu house hunt.  From modern to traditional.  Will these homes tick the right boxes?

Episode 13

Who wouldn’t want to live here in the Hollywood hills? We meet Bobbi Jo & Carmen. They are looking for a million dollar home to be closer to work and upgrade to the home of their dreams.

They’re about to see three luxury properties around Los Angeles.  Which one of these million dollar homes will be the one?

Episode 14

Mary runs a Hollywood charity and is now looking for a home that is a little bigger with more space for hosting functions and entertaining.  She is under decided if she wants to use the money from her recent sale to purchase one house that she will live in or to buy one and purchase another as an investment. So we have a wide range of price points depending on what route she decides to take.

Episode 15

Tonight on the show we meet trauma counsellors Ron and Shirley.  They need to trade up to a bigger house so they can continue their work with people who have suffered from trauma.  They are moving from their house on a hill at Palos Verdes to just down the valley into Rolling Hills. They are viewing three houses. Some they like some they don’t. They need to choose a home that feels right for them and their clients.

Episode 16

Today on the show we are following the home buying decision of married couple Daysha and Todd. Unfortunately Todd is travelling for business so Daysha will be previewing the homes on this Hollywood hills house hunt. They currently live in Pasadena but are looking to get closer to the city for work. They about to show her 3 luxurious properties that we hope will check all their boxes.

Episode 17

Today on the show, We are following the buying decision of married couple Craig and Belinda. Craig is away for long periods of time working on an oil rig while Belinda works from home.
They are looking to escape the city life of Beverly Hills, for a quieter pace east in Arcadia.  They are about to make the biggest decision of their married life.

Episode 18

She is a successful stylist to the stars, and looking for the ultimate luxury home to entertain her family and friends.  She’s about to see three amazing homes in some very upscale la neighbourhoods.  Which of these luxury homes will seal the deal for Cathy

Episode 19

On this episode of Million Dollar House Hunters we follow the buying decision of an LA Entrepreneur.  We see see three incredibly luxurious homes but only one will suit.  Which one of these home will check all the boxes.