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Metal Stamping Art

This week, Gloria is joined by Sharon from Say Something and she shows us how to make custom made jewellery using metal stamping. We will learn exciting techniques such as scrapbooking, stamping and embellishing to create projects that say something or projects that say anything.

Metal Stamping Art

By Sharon Clark

Say Something
sharon@say-something.co.za [1]



Step 1:

Metal Stamping Techniques

Plan what you want to say. Prepare by texturizing Stamping Blanks if required and secure Stamping Blank to Steel Stamping Block with Stamp Straight Tape.

Step 2:

Mark out spacing of the word on tape as a guideline. Start in the middle of the word and stamp each letter to the left & right of the centre. One firm hit with a Brass Hammer will leave an impression.

Step 3:

Highlight the impression with a fine marker pen or acrylic paint and remove excess and polish with cloth. To finish make a hole & add Jump ring for jewellery or place stamped piece on craft.

Step 4:

Starting the wooden boxes – Washi Tape

Step 5:

Textured Hessian box with stamped metal word

Step 6:

Textured Lace box with stamped metal word

Step 7:

Textured Paint box with stamped metal word

Step 8:

Inverted Paint box with stamped metal word

Step 9:

Surface Interest box with metal stamped word

Finally place all the little boxes on a bigger piece of painted wood or hang individually.