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In Masters of Flip, husband-and-wife team, Kortney and Dave Wilson breathe new life into old, rundown Nashville homes. Each episode opens with Kortney and Dave house-hunting between three different properties that have seen better days. They’re then faced with the decision of which one to flip in order to turn the most profit. With limited timelines and even tighter budgets, these Masters of Flip take on the challenge of transforming each real estate disaster into a stunning family dream home.

What follows is an exciting journey through the mess and stress of renovation, the magic of transformation and the anticipation of enormous profits. The rollercoaster of buying, renovating and staging each house all hinges on that final sale; will their gamble garner maximum profits every time?

While the US housing market is on the rise, nowhere is that growth more evident than in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. The hometown of country music is experiencing a dramatic resurgence in both new home builds and big-time renovations. Kortney and Dave Wilson are leading the charge.

17 – 23 June: Episode 3 – The Cottage

Kortney and Dave transform a home in the historic overlay, which comes with renovation restrictions, forcing them to be creative in their design plan for an unusual addition.

Episode 4 – Farmhouse Feels

Kortney and Dave bring an old run-down farmhouse back to life. With a storm looming, will they be able to salvage the reno or will a flood cause their costs to spiral out of control?

Episode 5 – Slow & Steady

Kortney and Dave tackle a house on the hillside in a prime location- but a flipper’s worst fear sets in when work slows down and damage from water and termites is discovered.

Episode 6 – Flip Today, Gone Tomorrow

Kortney and Dave revamp a quaint bungalow that boasts a quick-flip. Will renovating a house that’s nearly finished be profitable in the end, or will it be more work than meets the eye?

Episode 7 – Let There Be Light

Kortney and Dave transform a tired craftsman-style home into a bright and stunning luxe-lodge retreat. With big budget design features and a large addition in the works, Kortney & Dave push to ensure a big pay-off.

Episode 8 – Off the Rails

Kortney and Dave flip a run-down craftsman home in a hip and trendy neighborhood. A modern design plan with a hefty budget is used entice the right buyer because the challenging location threatens to derail their profit projections.

Episode 9 – Into The Woods

Kortney and Dave’s small addition turns into a big money pit as they transform a split-level house in the woods into a tranquil retreat. Will they see big profits? Or will their final payoff be compromised by the unforeseen structural problems?

Episode 10 – Flipping the Queen

Kortney and Dave tackle the renovation of a Queen-Anne Victorian home but termite and water damage send them down a slippery slope. Will they be able to weather the barrage of unexpected problems or will this house eat up all their profits?