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Marbella Mansions follows the daily lives of the Marbella property professionals who help create a dream lifestyle in the sun for those who are lucky enough to have earned enough, saved enough or even won enough cash to buy into Mediterranean living.

Each episode follows a major interior design refurbishment with plenty of befores and afters and with clever tip and ideas  you can try at home.   And it’s open house with Marbella’s top estate agents as they throw the doors wide open to show off some of the most breathtaking Marbella Mansions on the market.

10-16 Aug: Episode 3

Has property developer Nicholas Dalli gone mad? In the worst recession Spain has even seen he’s just gambled £11,000,000 building a spectacular Marbella Mansion. He thinks it’s so good it’ll sell itself. But with Spain in crisis, can he sell it? Or more importantly, can his estate agent brother Marco sell it? He’s the one who now has to bring home the bacon. Let’s hope that brotherly love prevails. And estate agent Jacqui Harley has the delicate task of persuading Marbella sellers that given the current climate, they might need to drop their prices if they want a sale.

Episode 4

King of Marbella bling interior designer Jonty Lewis has been asked to ‘Jontify’ two Marbella mansions. The owners both think their homes just too dull for the Marbella lifestyle. Can Jonty add some sunshine? And Marbella estate agent Mary Dunne gets us behind the doors of a Marbella mansion that’s so special she rather fancies it for herself.

Episode 5

Estate agent Warrick hopes an El Madronal mega mansion will be worth £8million once the work is complete.

Episode 6

Interior designer Hayley Reed has been thrown an unusual challenge – the owner of a multi million pound villa wants her to design an interior that will suit his lifetime collection of expensive art. But the art has already been packed up ready for its journey to Spain so Hayley will have to design blind. And Hayley’s best friend Caroline Armstrong has some problems of her own to solve. She has to find Marbella Mansions for sale at auction amidst intense competition

Episode 7

Inteior designer Jonty Lewis takes on a makeover for one of his most demanding clients to date – himself. He’s decided to make over his own home and all while long time partner Sebastian is away on business. Can Jonty get away with it? And renowned Marbella Architect Marcos Sainz increases the value of a property by a whopping £ 1,000,000 when creates one of the most spectacular penthouse apartments of the series.

Episode 8

Interior designer Sally Blackshaw has a challenge to convert a dated 70’s marina penthouse into a posh pad worthy of its location in the heart of swanky Puerto Banus. She plans to take her inspiration from the sleek white million pound yachts and the designer boutiques in the Marina below but will it work? And estate agent Jacqui Hartley has a buyer on the hook for a £2.5 million pound mansion. But will the owner accept the offer.

Episode 9

A £2,000,000 Mansion that is less than ten years old is deemed just to out-of-date for Marbella living by its wealthy owners. So a complete interior refurbishment is called for. What can interior designer Sally Blackshaw create while the owners are out of the country and will they be happy when they get back? And property manager John Davies is handling one of Marbella’s most expensive mansions. Valued around £45, 000,000 it can be rented over the summer for a snip at £16,000 – a day.

Episode 10

Hayley Reed takes on one of the biggest projects of her career designing the interior for what looks set to be one of Marbella’s most talked about homes. Called Villa Aquarius is so huge 15 UK semi’s would fit inside it. It even has its own moat. And Marbella’s youngest estate agent Gianni Russeveldt is offering luxury shopping sprees for wealthy international buyers looking for investment properties. Nothing is too much trouble from providing luxury hotels to stretched limos to make property viewing a luxury experience.