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Man Caves returns to give guys more of what they really want: amazing ideas and know-how to create ultimate Man Caves.

In each episode, licensed contractor Jason Cameron and former NFL great Tony “The Goose” Siragusa create a man cave for one lucky guy. Throughout this awesome series, Man Caves has produced everything from ski lodges and ice rinks for ‘average Joes’ to a personalized pad for rapper Snoop Dogg.

This idea-packed series filled with do-it-yourself instruction showcases guy hangouts beyond your wildest imagination.

Episode 1 – Ace Of Cakes Cave

Tony “Goose” Siragusa and Jason Cameron, hosts of DIY Network’s Man Caves, go inside the world of Charm City Cakes to build Food Network Chef Duff Goldman the sweetest man cave ever.  The Ace of Cakes star’s less than appetizing bakery basement is turned into the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll lair.  This sweet cave is the perfect recipe for Duff who complements his confection -making with experiential tunes as the bass player of an instrumental indie band, soihadto.

Episode 2 – Fantasy Football Cave

Tony Siragusa, Jason Cameron and DIY Network’s Man Caves team are bringing a new way of playing Fantasy Football to one lucky homeowner. Jamie Firsichbaum’s basement was a mess of bare floors and unfinished walls, so he called in the Man Caves crew to help him finish it off the right way. Jason built him a bar with a sports ticker; a football field table where Jamie and his fellow fantasy footballers can congregate for draft night; and the crew set Jamie up with four TVs with the ability to use the Internet to draft his Fantasy Football team. With Man Caves on the job, Fantasy Football will never be the same again.

Episode 3 – Coach’s Caves

Bob Everett has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to Berkeley Little League. His tireless efforts have paid off with several new fields, a concession stand, and a state -of -the -art indoor training facility. While his own kids have grown up and left little league, Bob continues to help the youth cultivate their game and the fundamentals of good sportsmanship. He feels it’s time to not only give back to his coaching staff, but to help them be better coaches, parents, and people. So he’s called in Tony and Jason to help make this the best facility around!

Episode 4 – Dan Patrick’s Man Cave

After building radio and sports personality Dan Patrick his own man cave studio, DIY Network’s Tony “Goose” Siragusa and licensed contractor Jason Cameron, are teaming up with him and The Dan Patrick Show to transform DIRECTV’s 18 -wheeler remote studio into a mobile man cave. In this special half -hour episode of DIY Network’s Man Caves: Dan Patrick’s Mobile Studio, Siragusa, Cameron and crew gut and retrofit the tractor trailer with the coolest and most high -tech toys and deluxe furnishings. From bunk beds that sleep five to a putting green and driving range on the roof to a basketball hoop on the back of the rig, Patrick and the Danettes will feel at home on the road while broadcasting from high -profile U.S. sporting events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four.

Episode 5 – Nautical Cave

Jimmy DeRose is a life -long avid fisherman. Living at the Jersey Shore allows him lots of time in the warmer months to head out on the open sea and fish to his heart’s content. His back patio is fishing for an update itself, and Jimmy has called in Tony and Jason to make it a family area fit for a king fisherman!

Episode 6 – Gangster Getaway

Eric Dann has longed to finish his basement in the gangster style. Tony and Jason bring in molding and refurbish an old bar top to make Eric’s gangster dreams come true.

Episode 7 – Fireman’s Pub

Nolan Bas is a rookie fireman who wants to take his passion for the job home with him. In this episode the guys make bar out of a real fire engine.

Episode 8 – Skybox

Rich Cipriano has an old carriage house that was sitting idle since he moved into his house. Tony and Jason have to make it into the football watching getaway Rich has always wanted.

Episode 9 – OutDoor Theatre

Ivan Reed spends every weekend and almost every night in his backyard pool area where he and his family grill out, watch movies and play games. But the grill was giving off more rust than flavor, the projector had seen better days, and the family games needed an upgrade. The Reed family is in for a makeover as Tony and Jason have come to South Florida to give them an outdoor theater and a new top of the line grilling station.

Episode 10 – 48 Hour Cave

Chip Snyder lives in a beautiful house right on the water and he has everything he could ever ask for – except his own space. The room that was marked for him, was literally invaded by toys from his kids and covered from wall to wall. Chip loves football and wants a his own room where he can watch and live his passion.

Episode 11 – King Of The Throne

Shaun Selha and his wife Zee are days away from their first child and were years away from seeing their house become the place of their dreams. When they moved into the house one bathroom was blue, one was purple, and the other was pink – and the pink one was Shaun’s. Man Caves is taking on a new project and turning Shaun’s bathroom into the only place in the house where he can truly be king.

Episode 12 – Aviation Cave

Jon Woodcock has been flying since he was 16, and has continued his passion for aviation since moving to the suburbs. He started work on his man cave and pieced a few things together, but his space was incomplete and a mish mash of different things. Tony and Jason are Jon’s wingmen as they bring this Man cave in for a landing.  

Episode 13 – Movie Theatre

Frankie Juliano is a former actor whose basement is ready for its close -up. The basement has short ceilings and confined spaces, but it presents a unique challenge to Jason and the guys. Tony will have his hands full trying to fit in to this tiny basement and getting Frankie to actually get some work done.