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On Mad about the House, couples are given $25,000 to renovate three rooms in their house. The woman must move out of the house while the man makes the renovations and design decisions. The woman spends her time creating her dream house in a replicate room. When both creations are revealed, they are usually strikingly similar.

 Episode 3

Emma and Rob moved into a tiny, one-and-a-half bedroom love nest in north London and saddled themselves with huge mortgage payments. With a tight budget, Emma gets to work knocking down

walls, when she comes face to face with his gentleman’s club themed décor will she tone down her own girlie vision at all or will she stick to her guns?

 Episode 4

Rachel and Will are cramped in a two bedroom with 3 kids and are desperate to improve their home. The couple is going to be given 10K to transform their house.  But there’s a catch –novice DIY’er Will has to do all the work himself.

 Episode 5

Katheryn and Jit are embarrassed of their home and haven’t had the cash to do up the house. The couple is given 10K to create their dream home, but there’s one enormous catch – Jit must make every design and DIY decision all by himself.

 Episode 6

Tanya and Tom have never been able to afford to make interior changes. As Tanya moves out for 3 weeks, she hands the keys of the house to Tom will he be able to control his desire to create a lads-pad or spend the £10,000 on a renovation they can both enjoy?