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If you had all the money in the world what does your ultimate luxury home home look like? Well, come on a journey with us as we dream big.

Take an intimate tour with Host Gary Takle as he goes inside the private mansions of the Hollywood elite, Tech Billionaires and the Super Rich to see how the other half live. Check out the latest luxe looks and what money can buy in these pimped out pads.

From underground bowling alleys to rooftop putting greens these ultimate luxury homes have it all.

09 – 15 Dec: Episode 7

Gary Takle catches up with Luxury Property Specialist, Kristen Routh-Silberman, who takes us through the Nevarda dessert to discover the wealth of Las Vegas. From an exclusive tour of a gorgeous custom Mediterranean estate located in a prestigious gated community, to a modern penthouse with 360 degree views of the famous strip and lastly to the city’s outskirts, to show us a contemporary home that’s creating its own genre. It’s modern luxury living taken to a whole new level.

16 – 22 Dec: Episode 8

From an original Hampton’s rebuild situated right in the heart of Southampton, to a Hampton’s replica, right next to the home of billionaire ‘Bill Gates.’ Or an iconic estate fit for presidential living, positioned with million dollar views of the Seattle skyline. Luxury Homes Revealed takes you on a tour of three stunning mansions.

23 – 29 Dec: Episode 9

Luxury Homes Revealed takes you on a journey to the busy New York City, known for its hustle and bustle New York houses some of the greatest boutique apartments in the world. We meet realtor ‘Michael Graves’, who guides us around 3 remarkable properties

30 Dec – 05 Jan: Episode 10

We visit one of the most prestigious places on earth. We’re in the Hampton’s, Long Island in the state of New York. Starting with an exclusive tour of a $40 million dollar property with more than you could ever imagine from a luxury home, to a modern mansion that sits right on the water, to a beautiful traditional Hampton’s style home. We’ve sourced three luxurious homes that give a wide representation of what the Hampton’s has to offer.