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If you had all the money in the world what does your ultimate luxury home home look like? Well, come on a journey with us as we dream big.

Take an intimate tour with Host Gary Takle as he goes inside the private mansions of the Hollywood elite, Tech Billionaires and the Super Rich to see how the other half live. Check out the latest luxe looks and what money can buy in these pimped out pads.

From underground bowling alleys to rooftop putting greens these ultimate luxury homes have it all.

30 March – 05 April: Episode 18

On this episode we get a rare look inside a huge mid-century modernist home in beautiful Palm Springs. While in Palm Springs Gary will introduce you to a man who has recreated this mid-century modern house located in the desert, and a house which just screams retro magic. And we have the honour of getting inside this John Lautner American treasure. It’s shape and cutting-edge design was just so forward thinking for its time.

 Episode 19

On this episode Gary is teaming up with Hollywood celebrity realtors Josh and Matt Altman. They are the go-to guys for the biggest sales in Los Angeles. They take us on tour of three of the best properties on the market right now. Josh and Matt are best known for their starring roles in the reality television series, ‘Million Dollar Listing L.A’.

 Episode 20

We kick off this show with a tour of the most sought-after street in L.A. your neighbours will be Hollywood celebrities and tech-billionaires. And for something completely different we check out this log cabin, or should I say log mansion.