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If you had all the money in the world what does your ultimate luxury home look like? Well, come on a journey with us as we dream big.

Take an intimate tour with Host Gary Takle as he goes inside the private mansions of the Hollywood elite, Tech Billionaires and the Super Rich to see how the other half live. Check out the latest luxe looks and what money can buy in these pimped out pads.

From underground bowling alleys to rooftop putting greens these ultimate luxury homes have it all.


18 – 24 Feb: Episode 12

On today’s show we travel to beautiful Santa Barbara on the Californian coast. No other town does luxury or exudes an effortless sheik vibe like Santa Barbara. Here you walk among the stars and live a life of leisure. It all started in the 1880’s; movers and shakers from around the world vacationed in Santa Barbara. The fantastic climate hooked them in and they decided to plant some roots. Today Santa Barbara harbors a host of celebrities from Oprah Winfrey –

Episode 13

On today’s show we’re going inside the ultimate luxury homes.  We kick off in Hidden Hills. This suburb is home to the famous television family, the Kardashians. Our first house is a brand new farmhouse style mansion, with everything you could ever wish for. Still in Hidden Hills we check out this great property with a view. It was recently purchased by one of the famous family. Then for some realistic luxury we’re off to Melbourne, Australia to check out this stunning modern home

Episode 14

On today’s show we get up close and personal with some of the USA’s most beautiful homes. We’re teaming up with Malibu realtor, Madison Hilderbrand to see his hottest listings. Madison stars in the Bravo television series, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles and today he’s going to show us three of his best homes. The first is a mountain top architectural gem that you may recognize. It’s served as the backdrop for multiple movies and TV shows. We then see this contemporary home with breathtaking views over the Pacific Palisades. And for some Malibu magic, Madison takes us inside this stunning executive residence with everything money could buy.

Episode 15

We kick off in the Hollywood Hills. We go inside this recently remodeled mansion-it’s everything money can buy and if you have 65 million dollars then you can purchase this house; it’s located in Bradbury in California. Then we’re off to New York as we go up and inside this four level luxury penthouse with breathtaking views of the Empire State Building

Episode 16

Today it’s all about modern design. We kick off with a very modern house with an ingenious floor plan. We see this very swanky contemporary house in West Hollywood and we head out to the wild to see this super luxurious modern desert home.

Episode 17

On today’s show we going inside the ultimate luxury homes.  Today we’re in beautiful Laguna Beach in California to see what’s on offer in this famous beachfront community. The first house is a historical beach house and was the home of Hollywood actor Diane Keaton. We check out this five level cliffside mansion. Every level has an amazing Pacific Ocean view. Then we check in on Australia to check out this affordable luxury home

Episode 18

Get ready to dream big. On today’s show, we’re going inside the ultimate luxury homes. We check out this architectural home of the feature with views for days. We check out this stunning luxury home in Hidden Hills, California then we’re off to Perth, Australia, to check out this luxy waterside home.

Episode 19

If you love your homes luxurious then we have a show for you. We start with this majestic brand new mansion in the most sought after area of Beverly Hills. This house is eclectic of different styles and every room is totally luxurious. As far as modern luxury goes, this contemporary house was designed by cutting edge architects and with its clean, straight lines you see the quality of the design. And we get the scoop on this pad which is perched high up on a hill with breathtaking views.

Episode 20

And on this episode it’s all about the Coast. Super realtor Tim Smith shows us through three of his best listings. We kick off with a private tour of this modern cliffhanger. This modern home has a coastal outlook like no other. We then go high up into the Hills and see this brand new European styled villa with everything money could buy, including its own golf room. And for a little bit of coastal charm and drama, we check out this quaint piece of paradise complete with its own private beach and even its very own lighthouse. This visit took me to a whole different era where life seemed so much simpler.