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In this new season our hosts are faced with many unique families and situations that challenge them both creatively and professionally.  It is the season for babies, in laws and bigger and bolder renovations!  With two impending births, two houses with in-law suites and multiple attic, garage and basement conversions, David and Hilary face each situation straight on with headstrong determination to become the victor.

02 – 08 Dec: Episode 14

A couple debates the benefits of getting a home with more space for entertaining vs. making changes to their existing house so they can preserve memories with their kids; after a decade of DIY renovations, the couple brings in help.

Episode 15

A man quickly feels out of place after moving in with his wife in her grandmother’s old house; the home is dated, closed off and hosting gatherings is problematic.

Episode 16

The decision to start a family prompted Ben and Courtney to buy their first house, a 1930s-era, ivy-covered brick home with a lot of charm and a lot of issues, including a flooded basement.

Episode 17

Chris and Maria moved into their home with two kids, but now with four children, the house and its tiny kitchen feel cramped and cluttered; Maria wants a gourmet kitchen closer to her work, but Chris loves the neighborhood.

Episode 18

Kerry and Dave renovated and added to their home as their family grew, but their three kids have taken over every common room; Kerry wants a home with updated bathrooms, but Dave is attached to the house their children grew up in and refuses to move.