Love It or List It

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Has the love affair with your home hit a roadblock? Should you start seeing other houses? Will you love your home again? Or, will you list it?

Love It Or List It is the critically acclaimed, internationally adored, real estate based reality show that finds homeowners at a crossroads when it comes to the future of their house. Changes in family dynamics combined with time creates a scenario where a family’s needs have outgrown the function of their house, splitting the couple down the middle: one person wants to renovate the house to fix the dysfunction and create their forever home, while the other see’s no end to the issues and wants only one thing- out!

Enter our ever feisty and competitive hosts, designer Hilary Farr and realtor David Visentine, who’s trademark banter and one-upmanship fuels this family’s journey along their emotional and often hilarious road. After being presented with a list of “must have’s” and a budget to work with, both hosts head out on parallel journeys, in an effort to sway the couple to their side.

Hilary is convinced she can use her renovation budget to transform their current home into the stunning and functional space of their dreams, while David knows he can turn his house-hunting budget into a worry free move to a different home that suites them perfectly!

But if structural realities and budgetary constraints threaten Hilary’s ability to complete every renovation on her list, or unrealistic demands and pricey neighbourhoods prevent David from finding the perfect combination of house, location and budget, emotions will run high for our homeowners!

But when the tears clear and the heated, candid conversations come to an end one thing is certain: Forced to weigh their options between David’s spectacular new home or Hilary’s inspired re-imagining of their old one, the hosts and audience alike will be on the edges of their seats desperate to hear the homeowners decision: Will they love it? Or will they list it?

Episode 118 – Danielle & Richard

The question of whether they can expand their fit more family in their tiny two bed roomed home is tearing Danielle and Richard apart. Already home to their family of three plus a visiting student, this house is so pushed to its limits even Richard’s office is outside in their frozen garage. Richard wants a newer, larger home but Danielle’s elderly Aunt lives right next door and the thought of leaving is one she Danielle refuses to entertain. Can Hilary create the growing room that would keep Richard in this house? Or will David find a way to give them space without sacrificing their dearly loved location?

Episode 119 – Daphna and Karine

When Karine’s husband suddenly passed away, she and her son found themselves squeezing back into her former bachelorette pad with her sister Daphna. But the tiny townhouse, with it’s tight floor plan and lack of dedicated space for a growing boy, has Daphna feeling like it’s time to leave the past and this house behind. Karine, on the other hand, is clinging to the security of a home she knows and feels, with a bit of work, they can stay in the only home she has left. Can Hilary re imagine their living spaces enough to let this family write their next chapter here? Or will David convince Karine that making a fresh start means buying a new home?

Episode 120 – Deborah and Jay

When urban hippies Debra and Jay inherited a large sum of money the fight over whether to keep their crumbling home flared up. With it’s tiny, cut up rooms, a cavernous basement, the smallest upstairs bathroom of all time and next to no space to pursue their artistic and educational endeavours, Deborah is desperate to move, while Jay is clinging to their up and coming neighbourhood and the home’s untapped potential. Can Hilary convince Deborah that a top to bottom renovation can keep them at home in their central neighbourhood ? Or will David lure Jay to a whole new location with an entirely different lifestyle?

Episode 121 – Trish and Brian

Avid runners Trish and Brian’s latest home is not accommodating all to Brian’s vision and hearing based disabilities. With it’s divided layout, low basement and poor sightlines, Trish thinks the house is down right hazardous, while Brian’s big ideas for his well situated home have his feet nearly nailed to it’s floor. Can Hilary transform their house into the accessible space Brian believes It can be? Or will David open Brian’s mind with the obstacle free, easy living space, Trish knows they need?

Episode 122 – Becky and junior

Restaurateurs Becky and Junior have been so busy for the last few years, their family of four has been living in the basement of their three-story centrally located home. Junior see’s nothing but years of headaches to convert what used to be apartments into a functioning single family home, while Becky refuses to walk away from a huge house in the perfect location without seeing it reach it’s true potential. Can Hilary renovate the house enough to get this family finally living above ground? Or will David find them the turnkey, family ready space that keeps them steps away from their popular restaurant?

Episode 123 – Sue and Bruce

With up to 6 grown adults inhabiting their tiny 1100 square foot home at any given time, to say this ever shrinking house has divided Sue and Bruce is an understatement. Bruce knows they can’t continue to live with the lack of bedrooms, cramped kitchen and zero dining space, while Sue is convinced the only house she’s ever owned can become the only house they’ll ever need. Can Hilary make the most of every overtaxed inch to make Bruce want to stay? Or will David sweep Sue off her feet with the move in ready space her family so desperately needs?

Episode 124 – Pam and Brad

Ultra-organized Pam thinks their 1000 square foot bungalow is more than enough space for her and Brad’s growing family of 6, but with three kids sharing one room, dwindling storage and no space of his own, Brad completely disagrees. Can Hilary re-imagine the main floor to prove to him this home can work? Or will David convince Pam of the advantages that only come with added space?

Episode 125 – Barb and Pete

When Barb and Pete bought their semi detached home it was with a 5 year plan. Over a decade and two active, teenaged kids later, they’re still there and struggling with the space more than ever. Barb is heading back to work and believes her house can be made more functional to allow her boys to deal with the impending change, while Pete, already overwhelmed by the dysfunctional kitchen and over used living space sees only more frustration in his future unless they move. Can Hilary prove to Pete that this house can work? Or will David find them the home that delivers not only the space they need, but the peace of mind they deserve?

Episode 126 – Christine and Rick

When Christine and her daughter moved in with Rick and his 2 kids she thought it was only temporary. Though the house was on the street he grew up on, still surrounded by family, Christine felt there was no way it could ever truly accommodate their newly blended family. But despite the desperate lack of bedrooms and bathrooms, not to mention a chopped up main floor that can’t accommodate their ever growing extended family, Rick believes his house is where they belong and he’s willing to do anything to prove it. Can Hilary find the space to house this ever growing family? Or will David find the space that allows them to blend seamlessly?

Episode 127 – YJ And Michael

When their five-year plan to live in their home turned into a decade, and the family expanded to include kids and a nanny, YJ and Michael became divided over their three-bedroom home. YJ wants to trade the never-ending renos and space issues for a house with the finished space her family deserves; while Michael is ready to do whatever it takes to stay in the house and hood he loves. Can Hilary expand this house to fit their ever-changing needs? Or will David find them the house that has it all?

Episode 128 – Georgia and Steve

Georgia and Steve are completely split when it comes to the future of their two story centrally located former triplex. With its divided layout, lack of bedrooms and the most dysfunctional kitchen on the planet, Georgia is fed up. Steve however loves the big house and knows it has the potential to be transformed. Can Hilary convince Georgia her home is worth a second look? Or will David convince Steve there’s life beyond this house?

Episode 129 – Delilah and Dan

When Delilah and Dan bought their midcentury bungalow, their hearts lit up at its potential. One year later, the limited work Dan has done to make it reach that potential has pushed Delilah out the door. Now completely dysfunctional, Delilah wants a house that’s done from top to bottom while Dan is clinging to his hopes for this house like a life raft. Can Hilary help this house live up to Dan’s dreams? Or will David sweep this family away into the worry-free house they deserve?

Episode 130 – Janice and Trevor

When Janice bought a house without consulting Trevor, only to find he couldn’t stand up fully in its only bathroom, the divide was instantaneous. Now after less than a year of trying to make it work, the combination of tight spaces, insufficient storage and no room for guests has only cemented Trevor’s position: he wants out! Can Hilary maximize the space in this tiny house to make it the long term home Janice hopes it can become? Or will David find the perfect place in their area that Trevor knows they need?