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Love It or List It


Has the love affair with your home hit a roadblock? Should you start seeing other houses? Will you love your home again? Or, will you list it?

Love It Or List It is the critically acclaimed, internationally adored, real estate based reality show that finds homeowners at a crossroads when it comes to the future of their house. Changes in family dynamics combined with time creates a scenario where a family’s needs have outgrown the function of their house, splitting the couple down the middle: one person wants to renovate the house to fix the dysfunction and create their forever home, while the other see’s no end to the issues and wants only one thing- out!

Enter our ever feisty and competitive hosts, designer Hilary Farr and realtor David Visentine, who’s trademark banter and one-upmanship fuels this family’s journey along their emotional and often hilarious road. After being presented with a list of “must have’s” and a budget to work with, both hosts head out on parallel journeys, in an effort to sway the couple to their side.

Hilary is convinced she can use her renovation budget to transform their current home into the stunning and functional space of their dreams, while David knows he can turn his house-hunting budget into a worry free move to a different home that suites them perfectly!

But if structural realities and budgetary constraints threaten Hilary’s ability to complete every renovation on her list, or unrealistic demands and pricey neighborhoods prevent David from finding the perfect combination of house, location and budget, emotions will run high for our homeowners!

But when the tears clear and the heated, candid conversations come to an end one thing is certain: Forced to weigh their options between David’s spectacular new home or Hilary’s inspired re-imagining of their old one, the hosts and audience alike will be on the edges of their seats desperate to hear the homeowners decision: Will they love it? Or will they list it?

Episode 117 – Jody & Sam

Moving from a condo to their 1000 square foot home felt palatial. But 2 years, a toddler and an in-home nanny share later, this tiny house is driving Jody nuts! Jody wants a new house, free of triple duty rooms and cavernous basement spaces, but Sam knows with the right amount of design and renovation this centrally located home can be made to work for family and nanny alike. Can Hilary squeeze enough function out of their limited footprint to keep Jody at home? Or will David find the mix of space, function and location that even Sam can’t find fault with?

Episode 116 – Sachi & Cam

Sachi and Cam purchased their lakeside home site unseen while living on the other side of the continent. Upon arriving they discovered it was far smaller than the wide-angled real estate photos had suggested. With its tiny, chopped up main floor plan and literally no back yard, Cam wants out in favour of a house with the space to raise their young family, while Sachi thinks it criminal to leave such a perfect location without trying to make the house work. Can Hilary open enough square footage in this house to make Cam feel good about his impulsive purchase or will David coax Sachi into something new?

Episode 115 – Kelly & Robin

When Kelly and Robin blended their families under one roof, Kelly’s 1100 square foot bungalow was bursting. With a history of flipping houses, Kelly’s convinced this house can be made to work, but Robin feels the walls closing in around him. With 2 preteen boys getting bigger everyday, a tiny kitchen, one shared bathroom and a basement that can’t be used due to cold, Robin wants out! Can Hilary utilize every inch of this house to ease Robins Claustrophobia? Or will David find them the suburban space this family needs to function?

Episode 114 – Sarah & Andrew

The arrival of a 3rd child and an incoming nanny will stretch the limits of Sarah and former tennis pro Andrew’s centrally located home. With its chopped up main floor and a shortage of bedrooms, Sarah knows they need more space than this house will ever provide while eccentric Andrew believes this house (that includes a so-called “athletic training facility” in the basement) can be made to accommodate their new needs. Can Hilary re-imagine all levels of this house to convince Sarah to stay? Or will David impress Andrew enough to coax him away from his customized cramped quarters?

Episode 113 – Irene & Marcos

For Irene and Marcos the focus has always been on family, but after more than three decades in their 2200 square foot suburban home, their grown kids have kids of their own and Irene is feeling the walls closing in around her. All told, this house is hosting nearly 20 people several nights a week and the current layout is making it difficult. Marcos loves the home and knows with the right amount of work, it can be re-worked, while Irene knows there’s a house out there that will allow her to effortlessly host her family for years. Can Hilary create an open concept entertaining space for this ever growing family? Or will David convince Marcos that the grass is greener on the other side of the suburbs?

Episode 112– Mike & Danny

After four years of marriage, police officers Mike and Danny are split on their 1200 square foot semi by the lake. For Mike, Danny’s former bachelor pad has never felt like home. He finds the main floor to be tight, dark and totally unsuitable for entertaining. The second floor is also too small to be comfortably navigated daily by two big guys. It also lacks a room that can be made sufficiently dark and quiet for them to sleep during the day when working nights. The basement is low, dark, damp and a general waste of space. Despite the few changes Danny has initiated to try to please him, Mike feels they need a fresh start in a bigger home that can truly be “theirs”. Danny knows they have a beautiful home in a sought after central neighbourhood and is not giving it up without a fight. He’s willing to do almost anything to keep this house. Can Hilary open up and redesign this house into a place that finally feels like home to Mike? Or will David find the house that can cut the cord between Danny and his bachelor pad?

Episode 111 – Brent & John

John and Brent purchased this 3 story historic Victorian home 19 years ago. Being a minister and an artist, Brent and John have never had a lot of money to keep up with the continued deterioration of their century old house. For John, this house is too big, too dark and way too difficult to maintain. After years of scrubbing his massive home he’s desperate to downsize to a finished, low maintenance house with far fewer stairs. Brent, a respected leader of their tight knit community has fallen deeply in love with the house and its century old charm and knows finding another house in their area would be nearly impossible. Having recently inherited a tidy sum of money this couple is at a crossroads: Can Hilary finally fix the decades of decay and return this home to its former glory? Or will David set them up in a smaller, more maintainable house that will let them both enjoy their golden years?

Episode 110 – Jacqueline & Bevin

Jacqueline inherited this 3 story 5-bedroom house as a single 20 something, when her grandparents passed away. While working on a cruise ship, she fell in love with Bevin, a native of Trinidad and after a few years of island living the couple returned to this house to start their family. Now after 2 kids of their own and Bevin’s 3 sons from a previous relationship coming to join them here; what was once WAY more space than Jacqueline needed is now bursting at the seams. With 2 of the older boys doubling up in one room, a divided original main floor and only 1 bathroom for 7 people, this house is certainly causing some tension in the family. With a huge emotional attachment to her Grandparents house Jacqueline wants to stay. However, Bevin wants more space and wants to take what the house is worth and head to the suburbs where he can live like a king! Can Hilary’s main floor make-over convince Bevin that this centrally located house is worth keeping? Or will David’s spacious suburban options sweep Jacqueline right out of town?

Episode 109 – Lorraine & Bob

Bob loved the century old house he was renting so much, when it came up for sale, he bought it, living in the top two floors and renting out the rest. Then along came Lorraine (a professional baker) who, for the last 16 years, has been living in what still feels like Bob’s bachelor pad. She has no closet space, a tiny kitchen, only one bathroom and not nearly enough space for their 13 year old son and his friends. She knows things are never going to get any less busy and it’s better to save the hassle of never-ending reno’s and just go buy a house in the area that is already done. Bob thinks that with their long time tenants finally leaving the main floor, it’s the perfect time to change the house back into a single family dwelling. Can Hilary complete the transformation needed to make this house finally feel like home for Lorraine? Or can David convince Bob to leave his beloved bachelor pad behind?

Episode 108 – Chelsea & Brian

Chelsea and Brian were so blinded by the beauty of their lakeside view that they failed to see the obvious flaws of their tiny bungalow. Now their master bedroom is in the basement amongst storage, all three kids are crammed into one room, they have the smallest kitchen in history and not one fully usable bathroom. Chelsea is in love with their beautiful location and is convinced that the small house can be re-worked into their forever home. Brian feels the view is not enough to keep his family in this “shoe box” and knows there are houses out there that will be light years more functional. Can Hilary carve their basement into bright, functional, family sized spaces or will David whisk them away to a home full of rooms with more than just views?

Episode 107 – Katherine, Natalia & Paolo

Katherine, with her two daughters, Natalia and Carla inherited Katherine’s parent’s house 4 years ago. Natalia, her husband Paolo and Katherine now live in the home, with part-owner Carla living in St. Kitts running the family business (a hotel/condo). With Paolo and Natalia frequently visiting St. Kitts to help run the family business, Katherine plays a crucial role in the running of the household, the entire family’s home base, and caring for the grandkids- a nearly impossible task thanks to terrible sight-lines, not enough bathrooms and an unusable basement. Katherine believes there are homes out there that would make her running of the family home base much less of a challenge. Natalia is sentimentally attached to the home, and Paolo being a contractor sees its potential, but is stuck in the middle. Can Hilary open up the main floor to make the daily demands of caring for kids easier to manage? Or can David find the layout that equals easy living for all?

Episode 106 – Allison & Robert

Allison and Robert purchased their quaint little home in an affluent neighbourhood three years ago. When they bought the house they had no children, and fell for the tricks of staging which masked the fact that it doesn’t have a main floor living space!! The arrival of their son proved how problematic their tiny house is, leading Alison out the door. Determined to cash in her well-to-do address for a house that makes sense, Alison is desperate to leave. Robert on the other hand believes his house can be corrected and they’d be crazy to give up their prime real estate. Can Hilary pull off a miracle and create space in their tiny main floor? Or will David show them just how much space their money can buy?

Episode 105 – Leslie & Michael

Once married, Leslie and Michael purchased a small 3-bedroom house to start their family in. The house worked perfectly for the two of them until about nine months ago when not only did they have their first baby, but 2 of Leslie’s sisters (one of them now pregnant) along with one of their husbands immigrated to live with them. Now with only one bathroom, one living space and one overstuffed kitchen, this tiny house is stretched to its limits. Can Hilary transform their basement to provide the much needed breathing space? Or will David deliver the house that has room for all?