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Based on a successful international format, ‘Love It or List It: Australia’ helps couples solve a common dilemma – if you’ve fallen out of love with your house should you renovate or move on?

Usually one wants to stay while the other wants to go. What to do?

Call in the experts; Australian interior design guru, Neale Whitaker, and real estate savant, Andrew Winter. 

Through clever design and breakthrough ideas, Neale shows homeowners they can make their old home new again. But at the same time Andrew shows how they can move into a dream home by tempting them with alternative properties.

Both options become irresistible as the good-hearted competition plays out each episode.

Whether it’s a family of nine bursting at the seams in a three bedroom bungalow, empty-nesters contemplating a sea-change, or newlyweds looking for a family upgrade, they all need help.

And they all get to solve their dilemma, when they decide to Love It or List It.

30 March – 05 April: Episode 2

St Ives NSW

Retiree John and Insurance Broker Sharyn are classic empty nesters. Sharyn wants to release the capital for a sea change but change resistant John determined to stay put.

Episode 3

Canterbury NSW

Leanne and Glens family of nine is bursting at the seams in their tiny Californian bungalow in Canterbury. Leanne is emotionally attached to this house and refuses to go.

Episode 4

Paddington NSW

When newly-weds Kieran and Riley bought their two-bed terrace in Sydney’s Paddington they thought they’d hit the jack pot.

Episode 5

Coburg North MEL

Textile designer Natalie wants to swap her Coburg North home of ten years for the sunnier weather of Queensland. Golf Course Manager Matt thinks Melbourne is the perfect location for them.

Episode 6

Morningside QLD

Bec and Nick’s Queenslander has always been small. The arrival of baby Adaline changed all that. Nick wants a new spacious home with a pool but Bec wants to stay put.

Episode 7

Park Orchards MEL

Mel and Macca have nine kids and have all the space in their home in the wrong place. Neale has to re-design the house to make it open plan and add bedrooms.

Episode 8

Jindalee QLD

Margie and Grayson live in their dated Jindalee home with their two daughters. It was a price winning home in 1969 but now it doesn’t quite work.

Episode 9

Donvale VIC   

Project Manager Anita and Psychologist Cameron have a five bed Donvale Home. The layout stops them spending family time together with their three children.

Episode 10

Rozelle NSW

IT professionals, Anna and Simon never got around to renovating their Rozelle semi as planned and Anna wants out.