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Location Location Location Australia is back for another hit season of thrills, spills and even a few chills as the real estate roller coaster becomes a wilder ride than ever before. Buyers agents Bryce Holdaway and Veronica Morgan are buckling themselves in and holding on tight, as they help desperate house hunters navigate the twists and turns of a market in overdrive.

Stress levels are rising and the stakes are high but with 25 years experience behind them it’s Bryce and Veronica’s job to steer the way. They’re not only finding the best properties, but outsmarting the competition and sealing the deals. But a high octane market brings out the best and worst in people, tempers run hot and Bryce and Veronica have their work cut out for them keeping cool.

This series there’s house hunters who are relocating and retiring, first home buyers, sea changers, tree changers and people coping with major life changes. From Mullumbimby to Melbourne, Brisbane to the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and beyond, Location Location Location is hunting for property gold in some of the most beautiful locations in Australia.


13 – 19 Aug: Episode 2

This week, Bryce and Veronica are helping a young family and two sisters to finally put down roots. Bryce is in the Western suburbs of Melbourne with doting parents Laura and Marcus who, after 10 years and 10 houses are looking for the perfect family home for their little son Archie. And Veronica is in the Inner West of Sydney helping Jackie find her younger sister Juliet a place to call home; a poignant milestone for Juliet to build a future after overcoming a life threatening brain tumour.

Episode 3
This week both our couples are looking to move away from the bright lights of the city and embrace the slower pace of the country.  Currently in Sydney’s Inner West, Julian & Nazrene have called on Veronica to find them a family home with plenty of land in Camden, NSW; whilst North Melbourne dwellers are enlisting Bryce’s help to find them a beach pad on Phillip Island.

Episode 4
Buying in a competitive property market requires confidence and compromise and this week Bryce and Veronica help two couples who just can’t seem to seal the deal. Melbourne couple, Rachael and Darryl have spent years saving for their first house and Bryce is faced with the challenge of helping them spend their hard-earned deposit. In Sydney, new parents Garry and Anna need Veronica’s help to catch up with a runaway market.

Episode 5
This week Bryce is helping a Real Estate Agent and his high school sweet heart upsize in the fiercely competitive Brisbane market, while down in Hobart, Veronica’s racing to find a dream family home for a picky couple before baby number two appears.

Episode 6
This week Bryce and Veronica embark on a bi-coastal property search to help two buyers looking to take a step into the unknown. Neat freak Jane and toy-collector boyfriend Brian are looking for their first house together in Perth and combining their very different lives throws up some unique challenges for Bryce. Veronica takes animal-lover Susie and her daughter Kate from inner city Sydney through the lush Byron Bay hinterland in search of a life-changing bush retreat.

Episode 7
This week we’re relocating two couples on the opposite end of their property journeys. Upsizers Ben and Amelia are moving from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and downsizers Sue and Barney are going back so their roots in Wagga Wagga.

Episode 8
This week Sydney’s most famous beach Bondi is in the spotlight as Veronica steps in to help Andrea and Scott find an art deco beach pad.  And Bryce is with Policeman Greg and his wife Kerry Anne looking for a forever family home in the stunningly beautiful Gold Coast hinterland.

Episode 9
This week Bryce and Veronica step in to help two mother – daughter house hunting teams on opposite coasts. In Sydney it’s an emotional search for Bryce with grieving mother, Quanita, and daughter, Alex, tossing up between a family home in the Blue Mountains or an apartment on the Lower North Shore. In Perth, Veronica’s with enthusiastic first time buyer, Jessica, and mum, Karen, who both thinks it’s time for Jess to cut the apron strings and make a move.

Episode 10
This week Bryce has double trouble in Adelaide as he helps twins Melinda and Trudi search for their first home in the cities eastern suburbs. While in Sydney Veronica is with Alun and Ange tracking down a family nest in some of the priciest parts of town, the budgets healthy but so are the demands.