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Brother and sister duo Jake and Jazz Smollett team up to transform the living, work, and play spaces of millennial families in Living by Design. They know how to hold it down in fashion, food and design!

In this series, Jake and Jazz create simple solutions to everyday design dilemmas for aspiring millennial families. Whether it’s a new mom redecorating a nursery on a tight budget, a fierce young woman who’s landed her dream job and now has to spruce up her home office or a young couple moving into their first home, Living by Design will help transition their houses into homes.

10-16 May: Episode 13

Ken is a professional performer with a busy lifestyle.  His roommates recently moved out and left him with a two bedroom apartment in need of a major redesign.  He often hosts open mic nights at home and needs room to entertain.  He presented that challenge to Jake and Jazz, who have just the solution!

Episode 14

Titus and Ami are a busy couple who are always on the go and they have two active children who love to play.  The couple says their two bedroom apartment feels more like a storage unit than a home, due to the clutter and lack of space.  They need Jake and Jazz to come in and help them reorganize their life!

Episode 15

Dominique is a barber who lives in Long Beach, but she has an elite clientele in Hollywood.  Her love for clothes and lack of space, forced her to turn her bedroom into a closet!  Now the clothing clutter has her wondering how she can reclaim her space, so she can relax and chill after a hard day at work.

Episode 16

Lisa and Tyler are high school sweethearts who recently got engaged. They have said goodbye to their respective roommates and moved into their first apartment together. Now, they are living out of boxes and say they need a revamped living-dining room area so they can entertain.