Laurence of Suburbia

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Flamboyant home-style consultant, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, is set loose in suburbia on Laurence of Suburbia. The series sees this iconic designer visit a different suburban neighbourhood in each episode, where he will invite members of the local community to show him their inferior interiors and decorating disasters. One lucky resident, selected by Llewelyn-Bowen, will win a home makeover, taking in design and architectural influences from the local area. The transformation is then revealed to the owners, while being live streamed to the community for all their neighbours to see.


16 – 22 July: Episode 3

Today’s stop on designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s tour is the suburbs of Leeds. Here he looks for inspiration from the architecture and local design influences.

Episode 4

Laurence lands in Birmingham to ask the locals to bring out their rooms. He chooses just one to transform, drawing on the history of the local area and famous designers of times past.

Episode 5

Laurence continues to explore the Isle of Man and considers which local room is most deserving of the Laurence makeover magic.

Episode 6

Laurence is in the vibrant city of Leeds and exploring more of its suburbs as well as using design inspirations from the city itself.