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In an audacious experiment Kirstie Allsopp is taking over a shop in Glasgow and stocking it with furniture that we’ve sourced for free. From beautiful high end items like marble fireplaces and stunning lights to simple but stunning items like wardrobes and tables – just amazing pieces that have cost nothing. Each week we’ll help 2 families transform their homes and show them that with some savvy sourcing and clever upcycling ideas it can be done for a lot less than it would to buy new.

Here’s how it’s going to work. Salvage expert and designer Charis Williams will help source the items. She knows the tricks of the trade to get amazing pieces of furniture for free from sofas and wood-burning stoves to old school chairs and dressings tables. Then inventor and furniture hacker Max McMurdo and artist and upcycler Lee Baker will help Kirstie transform them into amazing unique pieces.

With plenty of practical tips, inspirational advice and some simple solutions Kirstie wants to show second hand is not second best in the coolest, most audacious and relevant transformation series on the planet.

19-25 Oct: Episode 3

Emma & Darren / Angela

This week helped by salvage expert Charis Williams, inventor and furniture hacker Max McMurdo, and artist and upcycler Lee Baker, Allsopp helps transform Emma (33) & Darren (42) Willcox’s 80s timewarp into a colourful family home for 1950s-devotee Emma. Allsopp works her magic – from the kitchen that’s unsafe for a toddler, to the drab sitting room and dining room taken over by toys – at no cost. The team also help Angela Stephenson (50), who has given everything to her kids, and lives in a beautiful home – with a dark secret. Angela’s bedroom is an embarrassing mess of unplastered walls, clothes stored in bags on the floor and, because her curtains have fallen down, it can all be overlooked by the neighbours. Angela is a stickler for style, so will they be able to give her something she approves of – and at no cost?

Episode 4: Chris & Chistine / Helen Wade

Helped by salvage expert Charis Williams, inventor and furniture hacker Max McMurdo, and artist and upcycler Lee Baker, Kirstie helps Glasgow couple Christine Arthur (28) and Chris Collins (29) to furnish their first time buy – a lovely but beige tenement flat. Graphic Designer Chris, and girlfriend Christine have some out-there ideas so it’s up to Kirstie and co to bring them into line whilst also giving them a living space they will love – at no cost. It ain’t easy being free. Fortunately Kirstie salvages a grand piano and Max creates a stunning statement piece for them. Also getting help at the free shop is recently single mum of 2 Helen Wade (38). She’s moved back to the UK after 14 years in France and wants to turn her bedroom into a lovely sanctuary for herself that also doubles as a workspace for her soft furnishings business. Max is on hand to help – with disastrous results.

Episode 5: Sam Peterson / Stacey & Dave

Helped by salvage expert Charis Williams, inventor and furniture hacker Max McMurdo, and artist and upcycler Lee Baker, Allsopp takes on a challenge when she sets out to help Samantha Peterson (44) from Eastbourne. She wants to give her local authority flat some personality. A big personality in herself, Sam will only have free goods that look new, and knows exactly what she wants, telling Lee “If I don’t like it… I’m coming looking for you!” In an extreme measure Kirstie transforms a dining table using – gaffer tape… The team also head to Wales to help Stacey (28) and Dave (31) Carroll from Wrexham who need a new kitchen – the hardest room in the house to furnish for free.  Charis demonstrates how to bag a Belfast sink at no cost, and Max proudly creates a free mixer tap and a whole kitchen island, saving the couple hundreds of pounds.

Episode 6: Jasbinder Kaur / Xuxa Kidd

Helped by salvage expert Charis Williams, inventor and furniture hacker Max McMurdo, and artist and upcycler Lee Baker, Allsopp helps single mum of 3 Jasbinder Kaur (43) from West London, who is hopeless at DIY. The team is tasked with creating a sanctuary family bathroom, a shared bedroom for two girls with polar opposite tastes, and – for the first time – they take on a garden. Max is inspired to upcycle a wheelbarrow, and Kirstie turns an old chair into a beautiful towel rail. Kirstie and Charis also help a Windsor family hit by the flooding, and create a fantastic graffiti-inspired bedroom for a teenager in a room that was once under water.

Episode 7: Kirstie’s Compilation Series 1 And 2

In this special programme Kirstie and her team of free pioneers – Max McMurdo, Lee Baker and Charis Williams – will give us a room by room guide to some of their favourite furniture transformations and upcycles – all at a fraction of a cost they would be to buy new. Along the way we’ll all learn the simple tricks of the trade so everyone is armed with the arsenal of knowledge to do it for themselves. We’ll show that by saving or sourcing old miss matched drawers you can create a totally unique and wonderful dressing table; by salvaging old battered coffee tables you can conjure up an ingenious shelving installation that you will never see in a high street store and that old doors can make a bespoke headboard.

The team will tackle the sitting room; the bedroom; the kitchen and the bathroom – with ideas, transformation and simple solutions to give any deadly boring home the free kiss of life.

Forget free love, this special episode will prove one again that this is all about loving free!