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Searching for a new home often means the age old battle of town versus country. Over 80% of us Brits want the peace and quiet of a rural idyll but need to keep near to the city for work and play.  Property expert Kirstie Allsopp is going to prove that there is a middle ground and that you can most definitely have both.

Across this new series Kirstie is going to take house hunters who want to flee the sole confines of the city and show them that they really can have their cake and eat it when it comes to getting the right city/country mix – that’s if they are prepared to put the work in. Yes, there are pricier towns and villages that definitely won’t make everyone’s budget, but by exploring that middle ground Kirstie will show our house-hunters how to compromise on what they can live with and what they can’t live without when it comes to buying that perfect new home.

From a maximum commute time, to wellie clad walks with the dog, a stunning village pub with a log fire or how far away they can be from the family, Kirstie will be putting the couple’s priorities through their paces.

We’ll also be meeting people who have successfully created their own perfect city/country mix as we uncover some amazing inspirational properties and meet the owners who’ve managed to get the best of both. Plus, she’ll be giving us a sneaky peak at some of the most stunning property and locations on the market that can offer the rest of us a bite of this cherry – in cities and their surrounding countryside up and down the UK.

This isn’t about relocating to the country whilst buying a crash pad in the city, this property show is about achieving something millions of us want – a new, slower way of life without giving up on that city fix – and all in the one perfectly positioned dream home.

18-24 Jan: Episode 5

Gary and Julie Kent

In this, the fifth episode, Kirstie meets Gary and Julie, a couple who have just sold their beloved family home in Sidcup in Kent.  Problem is they’re still head over heels in love with it, and if they could pick it up and pop it somewhere more rural than suburban, they would.  But as Kirstie knows only too well plonking your existing house into a more perfect location isn’t really an option. So could this couple be one of her toughest challenges yet?

Episode 6

Vanessa and Oliver Bromley

In this sixth episode Kirstie meets first time buyers Vanessa and Ollie, hard working professionals, who want to balance their busy working lives in London with a more tranquil home life outside the city. Yet they don’t want to let go of the buzz of city life entirely, so a vibrant area with a café culture is a must, and good transport links into London. Add to that they’d like a period property, with outdoor space, parking and plenty of storage, as well as the ability to extend if desired.

Kirstie loves a challenge, but can she impress Vanessa and Ollie with the perfect slice of the suburbs within easy reach of London, especially in one of the most competitive markets in the world?

Episode 7

Ali and James Herts and Bucks

Kirstie meets young professionals James and Ali. Currently living in a terraced house in Kenley in Surrey, they dream of having more space and privacy, and being closer to the countryside as well as Ali’s family in Oxfordshire. However, as they both need to be able to commute easily to work in London, and enjoy living close to a city, they need to get the balance just right. This leaves them with a two county search area stretching across both Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire – two of the most beautiful counties in the UK. Add on the fact that they’re currently planning their wedding and it’s no wonder they need Kirstie’s help!