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Kiddies Rocking Chair

Annalien and Peter build a kiddies rocking chair that can be changed into a swing as the child grows older. See how they build it in a few  easy steps and be inspired to build your own. 

You will need:

Tools Materials
Jigsaw 20 mm Meranti
Router Sides 800 x 300mm – 2 pieces (grain in direction of long side)
PEX 300 sander (New one) Seat 630 x 350mm – 1 piece
PSR 18 cordless drill driver Seat back 300 x 450mm – 1 piece
PSR 1080 Cordless drill driver (New one) Bottom slats 70 x 700 mm – 2 pieces (grain in long direction)
PFS 3000 Spray gun (new gun) 4 x eye bolts
  10mtrs rope – 2 pieces (nylon/ski rope is fine but get it a little thicker)
  Clear varnish
  4 x 40mm screws
  meranti wood filler
  wood glue


Kiddies rocking chair Steps

Download the plans

Kiddies rocking chair [1]