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Impossible Builds follows the exploits of pioneering families building extraordinary ‘kit homes’ in situations where conventional construction techniques prove impossible.  Each episode charts one of these innovative homes as it is fabricated off site and delivered to the plot on lorries as a kit of parts. This novel approach is helping determined homebuilders to overcome a wide range of challenges in order to realise their bespoke dream homes – from severe weather to tight budgets, rocky or boggy sites to tricky access in some of the most remote locations across the UK.

Architectural designer Charlie Luxton and commercial designer Aidan Keane join the tenacious families going against the odds as they struggle to turn their ambitious plans into a reality.  The new series uses the latest augmented reality (AR) technology to bring the house designs to life, and spectacular drone photography reveals the stunning landscapes surrounding the diverse plots.

We meet the groundwork teams tasked with preparing the foundations on the challenging sites, which range from a stormy rugged island to a remote, cliff-top perch overlooking a loch. We follow the visionary construction teams at their workshops using state-of-the-art technology to fabricate the houses. CGI animations uncover the ingenious engineering and materials at the heart of these revolutionary homes.   

The drama unfolds as the build teams battle to deliver entire homes to the isolated plots and assemble them in a matter of days, or sometimes just hours.  As extreme weather and unforeseen challenges hinder progress, budgets are blown and deadlines are missed. The house builders’ resolve is tested to its limits as they fight to conquer their impossible builds.

13-19 July: Episode 6

Home Grown House

Bill and Sukie Barber are life-long nature lovers and live on a 6-acre smallholding in the picturesque Scottish Borders. The couple have regular visitors from around the globe, along with their eight, grown up children and four grandchildren. With their croft bursting at the seams, they have decided to build a new house in one of their fields using primarily locally sourced materials to fit with their sustainable lifestyle: an ambitious remit in such a secluded corner of the Borders.

To attempt to achieve their goal, the couple have plumbed for a kit home, built using timber from nearby forests. The specialist construction company are based just 7 miles from the plot, and use Douglas Fir logs to form the frame of the eye-catching, post and beam design. But turning their low-carbon-footprint plans into a reality proves harder than expected, while weather delays and mismatching foundations threaten to wreak havoc with the build schedule.

Episode 7

Season Finale In Surrey, a man wants to construct a building to house his classic car collection, with the flexibility of converting it into a large, sustainable family home in the future.