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“I Escaped to the Country” celebrates the house buying success stories of people who went on to purchase a rural property they were introduced to on their original “Escape to the Country” journey. Each programme highlights what they love about their new home and how the move has transformed their everyday lives.

21-27 Sept: Episode 5


Jonnie Irwin is in Cumbria catching up with two couples who found their perfect country homes during their “Escape” property search.  Jonnie is reunited with his retired health professional couple with a £475,000 budget and sees how since moving in 2012, they have redecorated their period home, are enjoying cultivating their large garden and forging friendships in the community at the local pub. Later Jonnie catches up with an ambitious couple who had £500,000 to spend, and sees how their Escape character property has allowed them to start realising their dream of starting a glamping business.

Episode 6

Monmouthshire/Peak District

In today’s show Sonali Shah revisits two of her house buying couples who have recently settled into their country homes. First, she drops in on her escapees whose £230,000 budget afforded them their very first home together in the Monmouthshire countryside. She’s surprised how it’s “all change,” with the property, the arrival of their baby and a new puppy. Sonali then heads to the Peak District region to be reunited with a couple who now call one of the properties Sonali showed them for their £450,000 budget “home”. They also take in the dramatic splendour of the Ilam Park estate.

Episode 7


In today’s episode Jules is in Monmouthshire revisiting one of his couples who were armed with a £500,000 budget and moved into one of the houses they all viewed together. Jules discovers how since moving in 2010, they’re loving life in their Welsh country property and are enjoying the benefits of their thriving community. Jules heads to Abergavenny’s indoor market with them and later marvels at his buyer’s bowling skills which have earned her a place in the county team.

Episode 8

Carmarthenshire/ Argyll & Bute

In today’s episode, Jules Hudson’s revisit journey takes him to two truly rural destinations; West Wales and Argyll and Bute. First Jules is reunited with a horse loving couple whose £450,000 budget secured them one of the houses he showed them. It has only been weeks since they moved into their new home, but Jules is impressed by how they’ve already embraced “the good life.” He then visits Argyll and Bute where another couple of escapees invested £350,000 in a home with a view and have grand plans to add eco-features and terraces to make the most of their stunning surroundings.

Episode 9


In today’s episode Alistair Appleton starts his journey in Devon and visits mother and daughter buyers who moved into their dream Escape property back in 2013 after a lucky windfall boosted their budget to £620,000. Alistair sees their how their country home is a perfect fit as a writer’s retreat, a haven for horses and for two generations to live together in harmony. Later Alistair revisits his Shropshire house buyers who had a £500,000 budget and are now happily united in the property he showed them. After a difficult period of living apart for work, Alistair is relieved to find they have achieved their ideal work/life balance.

Episode 10


In today’s episode Alistair Appleton heads to Northumberland to revisit his buyers with a £475,000 budget who have moved into one of the houses he showed them. Alistair discovers how their character home has allowed them to kickstart their holiday let business ambitions. As well as getting the inside track on the thriving tourist trade around Hadrian’s Wall, Alistair and his escapees head to the Roman fort of Vindolanda, where excavations have revealed exciting archaeological discoveries.