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“I Escaped to the Country” celebrates the house buying success stories of people who went on to purchase a rural property they were introduced to on their original “Escape to the Country” journey. Each programme highlights what they love about their new home and how the move has transformed their everyday lives.

17 – 23 June: Episode 6 – Cornwall

In this episode Nicki Chapman visits Cornwall to be reunited with a teacher she first met a few years ago, when the clock was ticking to find her a perfect home before the new school term started. Nicki hears how she is loving life in the cottage they first saw together, and explores the local beauty spots she enjoys after a busy school day. Later, Nicki visits a retired couple she helped find a Cornish retreat after they made surprise changes to their property wish list. Nicki sees how they have added their own personal touch to their new home, which gives them beautiful countryside on the doorstep for walks with their beloved dogs.

Episode 7 – Welsh Borders

In today’s episode Jules Hudson catches up with house hunters who left behind their hectic working lives in Brighton and relocated to Herefordshire. On their £300,000 budget, they successfully bought one of the “Escape” homes they saw, after a big rethink on their original property wish list. Jules sees how their new character home and the village location has had such a positive impact on their well-being and feeling part of local life. Later on Jules drops in on some of his former house hunters who had a £365,000 budget, are now happily living in one of the houses he first showed them. He finds out why they are delighted to have made the lifestyle leap to rural Monmouthshire.

Episode 8 – North Yorkshire

In this episode, Jonnie Irwin, heads to North Yorkshire to be reunited with his former house hunters who, with their £850,000 pound budget, wanted to escape London to be closer to family, and raise their own young children in the country. They acted decisively and bought one of the country properties Jonnie first showed them. Despite being in the early months of settling in, Jonnie finds them all in great spirits. Their children love the great outdoors and are happy in their new school and parents are keen to get to grips with making home grown produce. With that in mind, Jonnie takes them to Beningbrough Hall’s community orchard, where they get a workout from squeezing freshly pressed apple juice.

Episode 9 – East Sussex

In this episode, Jonnie Irwin revisits a couple he helped on their initial property search in Sussex. Jonnie returns to the house he showed them that they ultimately bought for under their £600,000 budget. The couple each had very strong ideas on what they wanted from their move to the country, with one of them determined to run a bed and breakfast from their new home. Building work is in progress, so Jonnie sees how their vision will provide accommodation for the business without intruding on their personal living space.

As well walking their new dog in the surrounding countryside, Jonnie and his house buyers visit one of the award-winning vineyards Sussex is home to. After harvesting grapes and eating more than a few, they sample the array of wines produced there.

Episode 10 – Norfolk

In this episode, Alistair Appleton catches up with two former “Escape” couples whose property searches helped them make a successful leap to the Norfolk countryside. First he revisits some house buyers who had a £400,000 budget and are now loving life in the “Escape” home they bought. Over a cup of tea in their kitchen, Alistair finds out what creative changes they have made to the interior, and how much pleasure they have had discovering new country walks from their doorstep. Later on, Alistair meets up with a married couple of musicians who on their initial house hunt, had quickly cast aside their property criteria when they fell in love with one particular Norfolk village. Alistair tracks them down at that village’s community shop where they now volunteer, to find out what happened next.