How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny

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Do you dream of living Mortgage Free?

This new six part series presented by Sarah Beeny features inspiring people across the country who are managing to design their way out of debt by building incredible homes that allow them to live freed from the burden of debt. Along with designer Max McMurdo and award winning architect Damion Burrows each programme features Sarah meeting ingenious people using clever and affordable ways to build their dream homes without owing a penny.

With us Brits owing a staggering £1.3 trillion in mortgages with the average loan now over £150,000 and lasting up to 35 years, more and more people are coming up with ingenious ways to beat the banks.

Across this series packed full of insightful tips and tricks, we will meet remarkable individuals, couples and families already living the mortgage free dream and will reveal to you their secrets on how you too could do the same.

18 – 24 Feb: Episode 5

We follow the story of inventor Rick Hunt, who hopes to build a futuristic, wheelchair-friendly home for his wife and two children in a double decker bus for just twenty thousand pounds.

Episode 6

In Shropshire we meet a young couple who became mortgage free by building a second house on their drive way which they sold to clear their debts and buy their dream home.