How to Garden with Carol Klein

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Are you clueless about gardening? Or green fingered, but in need of inspiration? Then let Carol Klein show you how. With more than 40 years’ experience, Carol is the ideal person to show you ‘How To Garden’. Filmed at her own plot in Devon, this two-part master class will be your guide – from how to put the right plant in the right place, to how to grow all your own plants from scratch. Whether you want to grow delicious edibles, or beautiful ornamentals, ‘How To Garden’ is here to show you the way.

19-25 July: Episode 2

In the first episode, Carol shows you how to observe nature, ‘the best teacher of all’, to help you really understand the way plants grow in the wild. She shows you how to work out what kind of conditions you have in your own plot – whether it be a tiny patio, a balcony or a more traditional outdoor space. By doing this, she explains, you’ll learn how to grow healthy and happy garden plants.

Once you’ve identified your conditions, Carol shows you how to choose the right plant elements, from the permanent structure provided by trees and shrubs, to the huge panoply of colourful but more ephemeral perennials, annuals and climbers at your disposal.

Throughout this programme, Carol gives clear and detailed demonstrations, showing you how to plant and then look after your choices, from getting a young tree off to a good start, to how to prune your flowering shrubs. And there are creative projects to make your mouth water, from an exciting veggie combination called ‘The Three Sisters’, to an exotic container that will transform your balcony into a lush jungle.