House of Bryan: The Final Straw

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Viewers get a very personal and intimate look into the life and custom builds of Bryan Baeumler in the House of Bryan series, a hit global franchise. Bryan and his wife Sarah work with and against each other as they build their custom homes from the ground up. In the third season, the Baeumler family trade in their city life for the gritty countryside as they build their forever home. Watch as Sarah and Bryan butt heads as husband and wife, contractor and client when it comes to vision and budget, and how the family copes with living on a busy renovation site.

Episode 1 – It’s All Your Vault

Fresh off the completion of an incredible addition in the country, Bryan itches to keep the renovation momentum going. Rather than take a much-needed break, Bryan instead breaks into the untouched existing house without Sarah’s full approval. Bryan’s pricey vision for a vaulted ceiling over the foyer doesn’t sit well with Sarah whose design budget is being kept on a tight leash.

Episode 2 – The Frame Game

As Sarah and Bryan try to nail down the layout so they can frame and get to the drywall stage, Sarah and her designer Trish have a big fit over a tiny powder room. Just as they think they’re back on track, Bryan and Sarah go on a family vacation only to come back to yet another problem, this time at the hand of their electrician.

Episode 3 – Rough-In It

Feeling good about getting to the drywall stage, Bryan is adamant that they keep the build moving forward. The only problem is the powder room is stuck at the studs stage because Sarah is dragging her heels on choosing a vanity. Bryan’s frustrations hit an all time high when this small powder room becomes a powder keg.

Episode 4 – Old MacBaeumler Had a Barn

The project really opens up as Sarah and Bryan break down the last wall between the old and new house. Bryan finds time for an old project close to his heart and tries to make progress on it without Sarah finding out.

Episode 5 – Liar Liar Plants on Fire

Lots of progress on the interior and warmer weather has Bryan thrilled he can begin work on the exterior landscaping. In the past, Sarah has been hands-off on making design changes on landscaping, but this time when she gets involved Bryan ends up paying the price literally. Bryan finds out Sarah’s keeping secrets from him and his frustration grows when he finds out about a plan for an indoor tree.

Episode 6 – Fan Overboard

Bryan finds time to work on his own projects including one that Sarah doesn’t know about. Just when they thought they were past having issues in the powder room, Bryan discovers the hard way that when it rains, it pours.

Episode 7 – No Chain No Gain

Furniture starts arriving at the house as Bryan has to stay strong while he braces for what arrives at the house. Issues come up at the eleventh hour as Sarah’s chandelier in the front entrance makes Bryan hangry!

Episode 8 – Over and Grout

After three long years, Bryan and Sarah wrap up the build and complete their forever home. The show journeys back to where the series began as Sarah and Bryan reflect on the build’s best and bumpy moments. The end gets a little sweeter when Bryan plays a prank on Sarah.