House of Bryan in the Sticks

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Five years have passed since Bryan and Sarah built their custom dream home in the city. Always up for a new challenge, Bryan and Sarah are back at building again – But this time, they’re uprooting their growing family from the city to the gritty countryside. And breaking Bryan’s cardinal rule of home-building– Never, ever live on site during a renovation!

While they love their city home, it turns out Bryan has always dreamed of returning to his small town roots to raise his kids in the vast, open spaces of the country. His wife Sarah on the other hand, fashions herself a city girl. Watch as Sarah and Bryan go head to head on their individual visions of their home, and cope with a dramatic lifestyle change as they say goodbye to the comfortable conveniences of city life.

03 – 09 Dec: Episode 11 – A Hardwood Day’s Night

Bryan bites the bullet and takes care of some major work on the existing house that ends in stormy results. The addition is ready for hardwood flooring, but Bryan may not be ready for the bill.

Episode 12 – Tile and Error

Six weeks late, the main floor tiles finally arrive for installation. Sarah micromanages Bryan on a feature wall detail in Quintyn’s room. Bryan learns the hard way that annoying things happen in threes when Sarah, his electrician and a temperamental machine ride his patience.

Episode 14 – The Built Trip

Resolved to never have another leak in the old house again, Bryan re-does the entire roof, but has to beat an impending rainstorm that’s moving in fast. A sudden and unexpected trip pulls Bryan off site for a week. When Bryan returns Sarah and Adam show him the fruits of their labour with some sour results.

Episode 14 – Floor or Mess

Bryan pushes Sarah and Trish to finalize the tile floor in the wine room, but he realizes things are quickly unravelling. Tired of changing things after the fact, Bryan takes matters into his own hands.

Episode 15 – Painted Love

Bryan’s used to Sarah’s changes, but can’t believe the “paint” in the butt he’s experiencing upstairs. The team pushes to finish the second floor, but the light at the end of the tunnel fades quick when Sarah has to re-pick design finishes at the eleventh hour.

Episode 16 – Fowl Play

In the interest of being done, Bryan makes the final call on finishes without Sarah’s input, which doesn’t go over well. The Baeumlers reveal their finished main floor and revisit their best and worst moments of the whole build.