House Hazards

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Just how much damage can a house endure? Enter the world of domestic disaster in House Hazards, a new series that puts potential home hazards to the test in a real house.

Co-hosted by three wild characters with creative demolition on the brain, House Hazards is a super-sized look at every day household dangers. Using state of the art technology, scientific experiments, and a whole lot of gusto, the series explores the sometimes disastrous results of human error.

03 – 09 Dec: Episode 04 – “Reckless Abandon”

From second storey plunges to hair-raising soaks in the tub, crash test dummies get a serious workout as the House Hazards experts dig deeper into the scary science behind hidden household harms.

Sparks fly when Dan separates bathtub electrocution facts from fiction. In the bedroom, Francesca short-circuits the fuse box when she tests the limits of an electric blanket. Meanwhile, Brendan proves the downfall of outdoor patios.

Episode 05 – “Security Overload”

From not-so-safe rooms to boundary-violating fences, the House Hazards team sounds the alarm on things designed to protect your home. And the results will have viewers hitting the panic button, not the panic room!

Brendan and Francesca literally punch holes in Dan’s DIY panic room theory. The domestic scientists then reveal the shocking truth about electric fences. And, Dan and Brendan put a damper on the supposed safety levels of fire extinguishers.

Episode 06 – “Natural Disasters”

From lethal landscaping to a very windy game of dodge ball, the House Hazards team of domestic scientists investigates if home is where the heart should be when Mother Nature comes calling.

Dan and Francesca debate the merits of an open-window policy when it comes to hurricane survival. And the living room furniture gets a little rearranged in the process. Brendan and Dan go bowling – on the roof – to test whether the average home is meteor proof. And the gang gets to the root of proper tree removal.

Episode 07 – “Infestation”

From buggy insect zappers to hare-triggered house fires, the House Hazards team discovers what happens when pest control goes horribly wrong. They unleash an army of energized rabbits to help demonstrate the gnawing problem with rodents. Brendan then explores the flammable nature of insect repellent while Francesca trips over some combustible rattraps. Not to be outdone, Dan undertakes a lamb leg chainsaw massacre.

Episode 08 – “Holiday Horror”

From well-lit trees to a hot date night gone wrong, the temperature rises inside the House Hazards test home when the potential dangers of daily life are scientifically discovered. Dan, Brendan, and Francesca take the heat so homeowners can avoid a domestic meltdown.

Francesca explores what happens when at-home deep-frying goes wrong, while Dan concocts a fiery fondue. A not-so-wet blanket adds a little spark to Brendan’s romantic plans. But all thoughts of love go out the window when someone forgets to turn off the furnace.

Episode 09 – “Dinner Party Disaster”

From 5-alarm chili to all-purpose flour power, the House Hazards domestic scientists get cooking to separate the facts from kitchen fiction when it comes to potential culinary dangers.

Brendan and Francesca blow off more than a little steam with a potentially perilous pressure cooker cook-off. While proving the unpredictability of ceiling fans, Dan inadvertently makes an unconventional fruit salad. And for dessert, the team discovers an insecure ingredient commonly used in cakes.

Episode 10 – “Collapse and Expand”

From an unexpected bath in the bedroom to a kitchen counter blender bender, the House Hazards domestic scientists shed light on the potential dangers lurking in everyone’s home.

The team goes beneath the floorboards to investigate the real-life dangers of dropping bathtubs. In the kitchen, Brendan and Dan demonstrate how microwaves and blenders can go from labor saving to life threatening. And Francesca draws an unflattering picture of what happens when spray paint is pointed in the wrong direction.

Episode 11 – “Car Through House”

An uninvited guest crashes the gang’s dinner party, and the grass is definitely not greener when the wheels of potential domestic disaster are set in motion by the House Hazards team of scientists.

A drive-through window is unintentionally created, and dinner is spoiled, when the team shares the “braking” news about runaway cars. Brendan and Dan debate the dangerous drawbacks of lawn mowers. And breakfast is almost toast when Francesca gets into toaster trouble.

Episode 12 – “Load-bearing Wall”

The walls come tumbling down and the furniture reaches a tipping point when the House Hazards experts discover how home renovations can quickly turn into home demos in the hands of the not-so-handy.

The team reveals how a badly planned open concept makeover can leave homeowners homeless. Then Brendan explores the phenomenon of furniture that will light itself on fire, while Francesca avoids falling shelves. Then, Dan grills Francesca on the dangers of coal barbecues and Brendan learns the less-than-relaxing truth about hot tubs.

Episode 13 – “Braving the Elements”

From hailstorms to flash floods, the House Hazards team of experts simulate a series of natural disasters. But their test home gets snowed under in the process proving there can never be enough weatherproofing.

In an experiment that measures the effects of hail versus flooding, Francesca unloads a round of golf balls on the front door, while Brendan opts for three huge tanks of debris-filled water. But the team really brings the house down in demonstrating the weight of snow.

Episode 14 – “Jack of All Trades”

The House Hazards domestic scientists put a buzz kill on the handiness of table saws. But it’s their research on the hidden dangers of water heaters that really get them into hot water.

The pressure builds in the test home when Dan disables the safety on a steel drum full of heated water to demonstrate what can happen if the safety malfunctions. Francesca and Brendan debate the threat levels of garage doors versus garage openers. After slicing chicken fingers in the workshop, Brendan heads out back to expose the hazards lurking in the garden shed.