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Hot Market follows top Toronto agents Odeen Eccleston, Rizwan Malik, Rana Khaled, David Cinelli and Stephanie Adams as they navigate the high stakes world of Canada’s most competitive housing market: Toronto. These agents are always hustling to land the biggest listings, find their buyers the most luxurious dream homes, and earn their clients top dollar through transformative renovations and staging. In order for these agents to make it in this hot market, it’s all about the buy, the sell and the hustle.

12-18 April: Episode 2

It’s not me, it’s you

Rizwan goes house hunting with an extremely picky client. But having shown her more than a hundred homes, he reaches the breaking point. David and his stagers gear up to bring a newly-renovated home to market, but the awkward space may sink his selling price. And Stephanie is ready to list her client’s $10 Million dollar waterfront retreat, but isn’t happy with what she finds. At the same time, she tries to land the listing of her career.

Episode 3

We Bought the Wrong House

Agent Stephanie hunts for her clients’ ultimate dream home, but is forced to scramble after a change of heart. Odeen and her business partner Lamont help a couple escape the city, by designing their dream home in the suburbs. And Rizwan works with a couple who want to cash-out, after making a killing on their pre-construction condominium. But he fears they may be leaving money on the table.

Episode 4

A Champagne High Tea

David works to find clients Vanessa and Alex a modern dream home, but a low-ball offer gives them a wakeup call. Rana has two weeks to sell an empty condo unit, but first needs to convince her reluctant seller to stage. And Stephanie hustles to pull off a private brokers’ event with a twist, in an effort to market her massive $19.8 Million dollar listing.

Episode 5

Could it be better? Absolutely

Rizwan prospects some of the city’s most unique properties for a discerning international buyer. Stephanie and her designer Catherine tackle a $4.2 Million dollar lake home in dire need of a facelift. But when it comes to solutions, the two don’t see eye to eye. And Rana navigates the city’s condo market with a young fashionable buyer who’s anxious to move up in the world.

Episode 6

Sold to the Highest Bidder

David is under the gun to list a stunning beach house. But when he discovers the home’s interior does not match the exterior, the sellers need to roll up their sleeves. Meanwhile, Rizwan is tasked to sell a stunning $7 Million home. But that comes with the added task of auctioning the seller’s entire vintage car collection. And Rana helps a soon-to-be empty nester leave the burbs behind, by finding her the ultimate city escape.

Episode 7

Your Very Best Life

Rana helps her client make some tough decisions about what to do with a luxury hotel residence. Odeen renovates her latest listing from top to bottom, bringing it from drab and dated to sleek and stylish. But before she can impress potential buyers, she needs to win over her very special seller. And agents Rizwan and Stephanie team up to scout some unbelievable waterfront estates.

Episode 8

Upping the Budget Odeen sets out to find her buyers a super swank property. But with a large budget comes even larger expectations. David and his stager/wife Natalie use some simple solutions to revamp an underwhelming space, transforming it from drab to fab. And Rizwan consults with a client whose new build is ballooning out of control. He needs to reel her in before she makes some bad decisions.