Honey, I Bought the House

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Would you trust your other half to buy a new home?

Factual entertainment format Honey I Bought the House is a nail-biting approach to the reality of buying a first home, which sees couples given a £15,000 deposit to get them on the property ladder. The only catch is they are separated immediately and one has three weeks to secure a property – or they lose the money. The hunt is on for the perfect home. Will their partner be thrilled with their new property and sign the mortgage papers, or risk losing that precious deposit?

Each episode delivers comic insight into the vastly differing ideas that many couples have about what makes an ideal home. We see how one person’s dream house is another’s worst nightmare, as we tell the story of the struggle to buy the perfect property for their other half.

And that’s not all; they must have an offer accepted on a property and then get their partner’s approval before the money’s in the bag, putting their relationship – and finances in the balance.

Episode 1

40-year-old car salesman Dan and his fiancée Shantelle, 31, are hoping to secure £15,000 to help buy their first home together in Kent. With Shantelle keen to stay close to her five sisters and get married next year, she must rely on Dan to find their dream home all on his own – in just three weeks!

Episode 2

31-year-old Chris and Amy, 23, are pinning their hopes on gaining £15,000 to help buy their first home together near Bolton. With 2-year-old Elliot to consider, this young family are keen to find a home that will provide stability for their son and give them space to expand. The twist is that Jack-the-lad Chris, has just three weeks to find their family home, with no input from demanding Amy who wants a dream new build, whereas Chris wants an older, character property.

15 – 21 Jan 2018: Episode 3

Barbara and Doyin compete in the house-hunting challenge show, in which a couple is given £15,000 for a deposit and three weeks to find a new home.

Episode 4

Lydia, 31, and her husband Manny, 28, are hoping to get their hands on £15,000 to help buy their first family home together in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Decision maker Manny has to research anything and everything before he buys, but with the property search solely in the hands of his laid back wife, Lydia, he must trust her to find the perfect family home for them and their young son Jo Jo, so they can have the space to fulfil their dream of having another baby.

Episode 5

Childhood sweethearts, Charlee and Matt, both 21, desperately need the £15,000 on offer to stand any chance of getting on the property ladder and buying their first home together in South Wales. The twist is that organised Charlee has no say in the house hunt and self-confessed mummy’s boy, Matt has just three weeks to take on the responsibility and find it on his own!

Episode 6

Self-confessed `dreamer’ D’Jorn is given sole responsibility of finding a home in Swindon to share with his more practical wife Arlene.