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Home to win

For the first time on South African television, 20 of our favourite home renovation stars are teaming up to create an incredible home that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Contractors, designers and DIY experts including Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, Scott McGillivray and Sarah Richardson come together under one roof to buy an average home and turn it into a dream.

After finding the perfect house, the crew will divide into teams to renovate and decorate the house from top to bottom. Each week, newly completed rooms will be revealed and in the final episode, three competitors will compete on television to win the gorgeous, fully-furnished home.

In each episode, fan-favourite builders and designers work together to renovate and revamp the home room-by-room. With 20 major renovations to complete, there’s no shortage of work for this powerhouse cast and the results are extraordinary. Once the house is complete, three contestants compete in heart-pounding challenges to see who will be victorious and claim the keys to the house.

23 – 29 Sept:  Episode 6

It’s all fun and games as Tiffany Pratt and Colin Hunter create a playful kids’ bedroom. Builder Sebastian Clovis also taps into his wonder years with interior expert Jo Alcon to craft a whimsical children’s zone in the basement.

Episode 7

Sarah Richardson and builder Rob Evans design and rebuild the heart of the home: a spectacular dream kitchen. Designer Tommy Smythe and handyman Joey Fletcher put their heads together on the all-important Great Room.

Episode 8

It’s a battle of the bathrooms! Builder Mike Holmes Jr. collaborates upstairs with Tiffany Pratt while design expert Danielle Bryk and custom craftsman Paul Lafrance look to flush out the competition in the lower-level bathroom reno.

Episode 9

All the stars gather for a revealing look back and tell-all on the dream home renovation. After all of their hard work, the builders and designers find out just how much the Home to Win is now worth.

Episode 10

In this season finale, host Sangita Patel guides three competitors through a series of exhilarating head-to-head challenges to determine who will be presented the keys to the house.