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In Half Built House, tough talking property guru and builder, Sian Astley is coming to the rescue of Britain’s most gung-ho DIYers.  They’ve started their home renovation but have no idea how to finish, leaving them with a half built house and thousands of pounds of lost value.   Sian reckons she can turn the failing projects around in no more than fourteen days and for under £15,000.  As the pressure of the build gets underway it’s an emotional roller-coaster, but Sian is determined to put right the DIY disasters and claw back the property’s value to create a dream home.

10 – 16 Dec 2018 : Episode 1

This week Sian and the team visit Perthshire, Scotland, where hypnotherapist Judi, and her gardener partner Colin, live in a three bed period cottage which they bought eleven years ago. But their dream home soon turned into a money pit. What looked like a bit of simple renovation work turned into a beast of a job that Colin tried to tackle alone. The house should be worth around £325,000, but a valuer has put it at least £50,000 less than the market price. Sian and the team are determined to put right this DIY disaster and claw back the money the property has lost. Sian reckons she can turn failing projects around in no more than fourteen days and for under £15,000. Judi and Colin hand over their keys and Sian and her team of builders, led by project manager, Nick Edwards, get cracking.

17 – 23 Dec 2018 : Episode 2

This week property guru and builder Sian Astley visits Exeter, where a Royal Marine Officer has taken on a 4 bedroom cottage as his first DIY project. He bought it in the hope that his primary school girlfriend could also move in, but shortly after completing the purchase he was deployed to Afghanistan. He returned 7 months later and tackled the renovation project head on, gutting the kitchen, ripping down walls and laying waste to the electrics. Chris purchased the property for £175,000, but after his DIY efforts the valuer priced it at £110,000 meaning Chris has knocked a third off his property’s value. Chris hands over the keys and Sian and her team of builders, led by project manager, Nick Edwards. But when they return, will they like what they see?

24 – 30 Dec 2018 : Episode 3

This week, property expert and builder, Sian Astley and the team visit Eastbourne, where a young couple are raising their toddler on a building site. Ben started by knocking down a wall between the living room and kitchen, he then laid into the bathroom leaving it open to the elements, and ripped out all the carpets, leaving bare floorboards throughout the house. The couple has already sunk £30,000 into the house but the estate agent has put it at £315,000, £50,000 less than its potential market value. Sian is determined to put right this DIY disaster. Will all their efforts be worthwhile when Stacey and Ben see what they’ve done to their family home?

31 Dec 2018 – 06 Jan 2019 : Episode 4

This week Sian is in Birmingham with newlyweds, where Matt and Claire, bought this three bedroom semi six months ago as their first marital home. It needed updating and primary school teacher, Claire, took it on as her first major DIY project. Once over the threshold, Claire went to town, pulling up floorboards, removing plaster and, in the process, knocking down walls. The couple are forced to live in their old flat and, with Claire still on the rampage, there is no end in sight. Claire’s DIY efforts have knocked £20,000 off the value of the house. Sian is determined to make that back and give them a marital home they can finally move into.