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Grand Designs

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Presented by design expert Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs charts the in-depth process of ambitious design projects, from the initial intricacies of blueprints to the long and often arduous task of turning those concepts into a practical living space.

With budgets usually pushed beyond their limits and time ticking away, Grand Designs is a unique opportunity to discover how elaborate architecture plans work in practice and depicts the hard realities and emotional journey of creating a dream home.

23-29 March: Episode 3


Kevin McCloud follows Martin and Kae Walker as they take on their toughest project yet – building the ultimate family home near York, inspired by a giant farm shed.

Episode 4


Amputee, Jon White and wife Becky hav realised that the only way to get a house that would enable Jon to live independently was to build it themselves.

Episode 5


Colin MacKinnon and his partner, Marta Briongos own an airfield.  Their ambitious plan is to build an incredible metal sculptural home next to the runway.

Episode 6


Kevin McCloud follows Tamayo and Nigel Hussey, who have decided to transform a tired old 60’s foresters lodge into a one-of-a-kind Japanese house in deepest rural Wales.

Episode 7

South London

Young couple, Ben and Rachel Hammond, decide to take on an average 1950’s house and turn it into an architectural masterpiece.

Episode 8

East Devon

Kevin meets and follows Kevin McCabe, a master craftsman whose dream is to build a castle made entirely of mud. How practical is this ambition?

Episode 9


Michael Butcher and Phil Palmer took the dramatic life changing decision to jack in their urban media jobs and move lock stock and barrel to the country to build their new home.

Episode 10

Kevin McCloud revisits Gil and Hillary Briffa’s grand design. They left their architectural practice nine years ago to build their controversial retirement home.

Episode 11

Kevin McCloud revisits Lucy Fairweather and Nat McBride’s grand design.  They set out to build an affordable eco-home, however, Nat sadly passed away as the project began.