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Gok’s Fill your House for Free

In a bid to prove that you really can get something for nothing, Gok Wan has reopened the Fill Your House For Free shop in Glasgow – and has stocked it from floor to ceiling with furniture all of which has been sourced for free. Each day Gok will invite a family to embrace upcycling and prove to them that, with a bit of inspiration, perspiration and determination, you really can transform your house without breaking the bank

Each day Gok will challenge his crack team of upcycling experts to produce three brilliant and bespoke items for our family. The team comprise Max McMurdo, a pint sized designer with a passion for taking everyday items and transforming them into amazing pieces of furniture. Max is joined by Jay Blades, who uses an amazing eye for colour to transform drab and unloved items into objects of desire and Nessa Doran O’Reilly – a woman so obsessed with restoring furniture to its former glory that she refuses to throw away even a scrap of old wood.

16 – 22 Sept: Episode 20

In need of Gok’s help today are lovely couple Louise and Darran who live near Blackpool. With a 4 year old, Jake, plus a new baby ready to be born any minute, no one is in greater need of help for their home than this family. So the team set about transforming their bedroom, from boring into a boudoir; Jake’s bedroom into something fit for a superhero loving toddler; and the bathroom into somewhere Louise can relax. The pressure is really on today so can the team come up trumps?
With plenty of practical tips, inspirational advice and some simple solutions they’re determined to show second hand is not second best in the coolest, most audacious and relevant transformation series on the planet.