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Get it Done – Season 6

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Season 6


Get It Done returns to your screens this winter with another season packed full of inspirational DIY projects that you can do yourself at home, from Biltong Cutters to Bird Feeders.

Peter and Annalien will show you the best tools to use and the easy steps on how to get It done!

Episode 12 – Reclining Sun Lounger

With winter setting in, the team are already preparing for summer…. So they set out to build a sun lounger, perfect for summer days next to the pool.

Episode 11 – Lattice for a Garden

Peter and Annalien build a lattice. This is a perfect project for someone who would like to create a natural partition in their garden.

Episode 10 – Make a Headboard

Want to build your own headboard?

Episode 9 – Tool Shed

Build a Tool shed

Episode 8 – Biltong Cutter

Learn to build your own Bilton Cutter.

Episode 7 – Rocking Horse

With a particular little girl in mind, Annalien and Peter build a lovely Rocking Horse fit for a Princess.

Episode 6 – Coffee Table

The GID team build another Coffee Table this season, but this time it’s made of Meranti and Pine, creating a two tone effect.

Episode 5 – Nursery Trolley

This week Peter and Annalien build a Mobile Nursery Trolley or whatever you would like it to be.

Episode 4 – Bathroom Vanity

Peters bathroom gets a revamped vanity cupboard with a newly built row of shelves and the team has some interesting power tool tips.

Episode 3 – Bird Feeder

Annalien and Peter build a bird feeder, a perfect gift for bird lovers. See how they have fun putting it all together especially for Mothers Day!

Episode 2 – Wooden Box

The team build an outdoor storage box suitable for keeping firewood, or perhaps even tools or toys.

Episode 1 – Trug

Annalien & Peter kick off the new season by making a trug. A trug is an old English word for a container used for carrying items at the marketplace.