Make a Bookshelf

In this episode of Get It Done, we help you create some needed space by creating a stylish bookshelf.

Shopping List

  • 6 pieces of melamine cut to 200mm x 300mm (edged on 1 long side)
  • 2 pieces of melamine cut to 300mm x 800mm (edged on 1 long side and 2 short sides)
  • 1 piece of melamine cut to 350mm x 1628mm (edged on all 4 sides)
  • Wood glue
  • White screw caps

Tool List

  • Bosch PSB 14, 4 Li 2 cordless drill/driver
  • Bosch drill bit accessory set
  • Bosch PSR 10,8 Li screwdriver
  • Bosch PST 700 PE jigsaw
  • Bosch PCL 20 laser level
  • Uneo cordless hammer drill
  • Bosch PDO multi detector

Or whatever measurements work for your space, just get the ratio right. One very
large piece for the back, four larger pieces for the horizontal shelves, and six
small pieces for your vertical supports.

Step 1:

Mark on your back piece where all your horizontal shelves are going to go. The
space between them should be the height of the vertical pieces plus the
thickness of the shelves.

Step 2

Drill pilot holes through the back piece where your horizontal shelves are going to go. Put in 3 or 4 screws per shelf. Screw the top shelf onto the back board from the back. Now screw on the two vertical support beams onto the back. Make them flush with the horizontal shelf.

Place the second shelf flush with the bottom of the two vertical pieces and screw into place. Repeat this process until all four horizontal shelves and all 6 vertical supports are in place.

Step 3:

Drill a hole in each corner of the back-board. Make sure they’re large enough to
accommodate a large nail-in anchor.

Step 4:

Attach to the wall by drilling holes into the wall through the four corner holes on the melamine – make sure everything is level before you bolt it finally to the wall.
Bolt it to the wall using large nail-in anchors. Cover the nail-in anchors with colour-matching plastic caps.