Gardening Tips – Episode 1

  1. With the temperatures starting to cool down, your summer bedding plants are starting to look a little tired. That’s a sure sign that you need to pull them out, and start preparing for what to plant this early autumn. Some optional plants to consider at this time of the year are:
  •  Petunia
  •  Pansy
  •  Primular

Remember to add some compost and bone meal to the soil to ensure that you new plants will get all the nutrition they need

  1. Cooler temperatures slow down the growth of your lawn but they also encourage weeds to grow. You can get rid of weeds by:
  • Digging them out with a fork;
  • Use a selective herbicide – (read the instruction on how to use it )or
  • Get weeding tools that are available on the market.
  1. Prune all perennials that are looking scraggly to rejuvenate them and make way for the new growth. Some perennials that will be in desperate need of a haircut at this time are: Agapanthus, Yarrow and Gaura to name just a few.

To prune the plants, use a good pair of secateurs. Remember to sprinkle some good compost over and around the freshly pruned plant

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