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Presented by Tanya Visser, one of  South Africa’s most celebrated gardening professional, The Gardener is a gardening programme that inspires garden enthusiasts across the country; we will be bringing in you inspirational gardens, showing what you should be doing in the garden as well as giving you hints, tips maintaining a healthy garden.

13 – 19 May: Episode 11

Tanya explores a country garden that has glorious roses, frost hardy plants, wooden bridges and gorgeous river views. She then gets creative by making a wind chime to add music to the garden. We also have tips on keeping kids busy in the garden as well as a clever way to keep snails away from your pot plants.

Episode 12

We bring you a garden that has an English countryside charm and plants to match – Tanya puts together a portable strawberry planter for a small space garden; she then shows you how ensure the longevity of indoor plants; plus we have a monkey proof bird feeder to show you.

Episode 13

We explore a modern townhouse garden that has stunning gardening principles and ideas for any size garden. Tanya then shows you a simple way to create a square foot garden for veggies.  And find out how to go about water-wise gardening

Episode 14

We bring you the final garden from the East Qriqualand garden festival. Its magnificently designed space that has lush lawns, charming garden rooms and magnificent vistas.

Tanya shows you how to incubate seeds for germination as well as what plants will bring summer colour into your garden



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