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Presented by Tanya Visser, editor of The Gardener magazine; this practical and informative gardening show tackles everything that takes place in and around your garden…

In this season the garden gloves come off as Tanya tackles a variety of topics like ornamental grasses, solutions for shaded areas, winning pot-recipes for instant colour, healing plants like Echinacea, her favourite succulents from the Sedum family and a bucket full of inspirational ideas to try at home…

With step-by-step guidance and a smorgasbord of information, be sure to join Tanya as she takes you on a South African garden journey…

15 – 21 Jan’18 – Episode 14

We bring you the final garden from the East Qriqualand garden festival. Its magnificently designed space that has lush lawns, charming garden rooms and magnificent vistas.


Episode 13

We explore a modern townhouse garden that has stunning gardening principles and ideas for any size garden. Tanya then shows you a simple way to create a square foot garden for veggies.  And find out how to go about water-wise gardening.

Episode 12

We bring you a garden that has an English countryside charm and plants to match – Tanya puts together a portable strawberry planter for a small space garden; she then shows you how ensure the longevity of indoor plants; plus we have a monkey proof bird feeder to show you.

Episode 11

Tanya explores a country garden that has glorious roses, frost hardy plants, wooden bridges and gorgeous river views. She then gets creative by making a wind chime to add music to the garden

Episode 10

We explore a sprawling farm garden that’s bursting with colour -from poppies to roses, perennials and annuals – a true gardener’s delight.

Episode 9

Tanya draws inspiration from the garden to create a rustic window frame planter;  and we also have tips on looking after thyme,  feeding perennials and putting up bug hotels.

Episode 8

Tanya brings you a garden that brings to life the role  the environment can play in helping to calm and ease stress for employees by spending time in the outdoors. She also shows you how to trim edges.

Episode 7

We bring you a garden that shows how humanity is interlinked with nature and has used recycled elements that emphasise the need to look after Mother Nature and leave something behind for generations to come.

Episode 6

We explore a garden that’s inspired by nature and modern outdoor living. It allows one freedom to relax in a tranquil environment.Tanya discusses plants that will do well in the shade.

Episode 5

Tanya visits a small courtyard garden that fulfils the aspirations of an outdoor living-room. She then shows you how to interplant flowers and veggies as well as the importance of feeding your plants.

Episode 4 

We feature a contemporary, rustic, courtyard garden that recreates the look of a beautiful boutique hotel in a Fisherman’s town of Paternoster from this year’s Garden World Spring festival. Tanya shows you how to achieve a tropical garden in pot ; as well as what you should be doing to keep your garden snail free and colourful

Episode 3

Tanya takes a closer look at a small spaced garden that uses clever design; a variety of textures and elements to create a functional outdoor relaxing space. She then shows how to create wall art for the garden as well as tips on soil protection, ant control and bring gorgeous summer colour

Episode 2

Tanya explores a garden that has been designed to delight all senses at this year’s Garden World Spring festival. She then shows you how to make a herb planter/coffee table  for the garden  and also shares tips on planting bulbs, keeping your pond clean an plants that can bring colour into the garden

Episode 1

Tanya visits a stunning Bonsai garden that boasts a large number of Bonsais and chats to collector Martin about his passion and love for these miniature plants. She then meets up with Lynne Theodore from the Bonsai society to learn more about Bonsai care. Finally– what you need to do in your garden.