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The vast continent of Australia provides Gardening Australia with an endless variety of locations, climactic conditions and plant species. The series regularly features stories from remote and naturally beautiful regions including National Parks and Botanic Gardens. There are practical tips on organic gardening, recycling, pruning, container gardening and the like. Individual plants, trees and shrubs are ‘profiled’ so that even armchair gardeners can become expert botanists.

The series has six regular presenters including host, Costa Georgiadis. They are highly qualified horticulturalists, environmentalists, botanists but more than anything else they are passionate gardeners!


14 – 20 Jan: Episode 19

Growing Connections
Sophie Thomson is on the rooftop of a community medical centre to see how the clients use a productive garden as part of their therapy.

A Secret Garden
Costa Georgiadis is in inner city Paddington at the old reservoir that’s been transformed from derelict infrastructure into a sunken garden for all to enjoy.

Room to Grow
John Patrick visits a park to look at trees that are too big for your average back yard but can be enjoyed in a public space.

Going Up!
Tino Carnevale makes a vertical garden out of a recycled pallet that anyone can recreate in a small or large space.

A Working Garden
Jerry Coleby-Williams visits the CSIRO in Brisbane to see how the building has been designed to bring the garden into the workplace.

Episode 20

A Gardening Australia Special – Creating Place

This episode celebrates the contribution migrants have made – and continue to make – to the gardening, farming and cultural life of Australia, as they create a place for themselves in a new land.

The Italian Influence
Jane Edmanson is at a heritage listed property on the outskirts of Melbourne that tells a story of the enduring legacy of Italian migration on Australia’s food culture

The Language of Gardening
Sophie Thomson visits a secondary school in Adelaide where students from diverse backgrounds learn English and share their experiences through gardening.

A Remarkable Journey
Josh Byrne meets Peter Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee, to find out how he came to be the curator of horticulture at the home of WA plants, Kings Park.

Farming a Future
Costa Georgiadis visits Mamre House, a historic farm in Sydney’s west that is providing a plot for refugees from around the world to grow traditional food and connect to community.

Episode 21

Taking a Tour
Costa Georgiadis & Jerry Coleby-Williams
Jerry shows Costa around his garden to talk about the ways he uses plants.

John Patrick visits a street in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood, redesigned to stop flooding, catch and clean water using native plants, and grow edible plants for the locals.

A Soothing Garden
Costa Georgiadis visits a gardener on the Gold Coast who makes her own hand balm from plants in her garden.

The Good Life
Tino Carnevale meets a couple near Hobart who have built their life around using plants for food, shelter and income.

Episode 22

A Potato Famine
Jane Edmanson
Jane visits a gardener who has great success with all manner of fruit and vegies in a small plot, save for one – potatoes. Jane gives her some tips to help.

Taking Control
Tino’s in his own garden planting a range of ornamental and fruiting plants using espaliering and plaiting techniques to achieve different effects.

Pretty as a Picture
Sophie shows us how to make a framed ‘picture’ using colourful succulents.

Growing Your Own
John Patrick demonstrates how to propagate perennials from cuttings to create bold and beautiful plantings.

An Enjoyable Nightmare
Jerry visits a couple to have a look at their extraordinary collection of hundreds and hundreds of plants, all of which they have propagated.

Episode 23

Thinking Local
Angus meets a young nurseryman whose passion for propagating and protecting native plants is restoring bushland in Sydney’s West.

An Aussie Verge
Costa brings a bit of colour to the street by helping his neighbours plant their verge with Australian native flowers.

The Vegie Patch
With the help of a bush food expert, Tino is planting vegies native to Tasmania in The Vegie Patch..

Proudly Australian
Josh meets a couple with a native garden and a bush block who are doing their bit to protect Australia’s biodiversity in Mandurah.

A Distant Affair
Jane Edmanson visits the Napoleon Exhibition at the NGV, to explore Napoleon and Josephine’s extraordinary fascination with Australia and its plants.

Episode 24

The Barefoot Farmer
Colin meets a market gardener who has joined up with the local primary school to help connect the kids with the garden and the food on their plate.

Starting from Scratch
Jerry visits a newly established community garden to find out how it got started and give his top tips for getting one going from scratch.

Life on the Street
Costa’s meets a street of gardeners who have transformed their concrete nature strips into lush and playful gardens growing food, flowers and the community.

Planting a Community
Sophie enlists the help of an herb expert to plant a community of beneficial plant species throughout her productive patch.

The Club
Jane visits one of Australia’s oldest horticultural societies to explore their extensive display gardens and meet some members.

Episode 25

A Gardening Australia Special – Connection to Country

This episode celebrates the ways in which indigenous people are connected to the land.

The Totem Garden
Costa and Clarence are in Katherine to help a local pre-school build a sensory garden for the kids to explore.

Farmed by Community
Costa and Clarence visit a productive farm on the outskirts of Katherine that is growing fresh food, jobs, skills, and a future for the local community.

Growing Health
Josh visits a school in the remote Kimberley town of Looma that has integrated gardening into the canteen and the classroom.

Learning the Land
Costa and Clarence travel to King Valley where women Elders have planted a garden to pass on knowledge and culture and strengthen their community.

Episode 26

In Love with Plants

Jerry visits a gardener in Wynnum to see how she has lovingly grown a garden brimming with plants, and gives her some advice on dealing with a persistent garden problem.

Spring Into It
Tino is launching into the season by planting spring and summer vegies now the weather is warming up in The Vegie Patch.

Dropping in on a Friend
Sophie visits a friend in the Adelaide Hills to see what she’s growing and gain some inspiration for her own garden.

A Nip and a Tuck
Josh learns a grafting technique from a man passionate about Eremophilas.

Beyond the Black Stump
Angus is on the outskirts of Sydney to appreciate the labour of a lifetime that has gone into this stunning native garden, and demonstrates how to propagate native plants that will add to this gardener’s collection.

Episode 27

Jumping the Fence
Jerry is with an environmental weed expert in a patch of local Brisbane bush to take a look at plants that have escaped from home gardens.

Wild Food
Costa meets a suburban forager who’s passionate about edible plants in the wild.

A Looming Threat
John visits John Arnott at the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne to find out more about myrtle rust, a new fungal disease that could threaten a huge range of Australian plant species.

Growing Health
Josh gets stuck into some spring work in his garden to ensure a healthy season, free of pests and disease.

A Simple Solution
Sophie visits a lettuce farm to see how cleverly designed native planting has reduced pest and disease problems.

Episode 28

A Positive Path
Costa visits a community garden that’s providing horticultural skills to juvenile offenders.

A Plant Revival
Tino is in his garden providing tips and tricks for reviving unhealthy or neglected plants.

The Secret Garden
Angus is in a garden tucked away in Sydney’s North West treasured by people of all abilities who come to enjoy the surrounds and grow plants.

Core Gardening
Sophie’s giving her old friend a hand in the garden and getting tips on preventing injury.

A Garden for Life
Jane Edmanson meets a young gardener whose plot has nurtured and nourished her through treatment for breast cancer.

Episode 29

Springing To Life
Costa enlists an army of helpers to help with spring planting more vegies on the verge.

Regenerating Connection
Angus meets a Ranger at Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park who works with young men to help them reconnect with their culture.

Nurturing The Landscape
Tino is planting out his front garden with indigenous and rare native plants to create shelter for local wildlife.

Spring Cleaning
Jane takes advantage of the warm spring weather by pruning, feeding and mulching to rejuvenate some tired and overgrown plants.

Flooded With Help
Jerry meets a gardener in Brisbane who, with the help of some dedicated volunteers, has rebuilt his garden after the devastating 2011 floods.

Episode 30

Marion’s Sanctum
Josh meets an Australian horticultural legend in Perth who has spent her lifetime creating sanctuaries for both people and plants.

Growing Up
John visits an inner city garden perched high above the streets of Melbourne.

A Suburban Retreat
Costa meets a passionate gardener who’s created her own sanctuary in the Western suburbs of Sydney.

A Room of One’s Own
Sophie plants an area in her garden with frivolous pretties where she will be able to relax and take in the view.

Memory Lane
Jane visits an aged care facility in Melbourne to meet a gardener who has created garden areas that are places for rejuvenation and reflection for the residents.

Episode 31

**** SPECIAL – Gardening Australia’s Gardener of the Year finalists ****

A Mediterranean Gardener
Tino meets a gardener who has styled her block in rural Victoria after the Mediterranean landscape she and her husband love. They also share their garden with people from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

A Dryland Gardener
Sophie visits a spectacular Australian plant garden about two hours from Adelaide that was cleverly designed and built to thrive in the local conditions.

A Coastal Gardener
Costa meets a gardener in Jervis Bay who’s planted and nurtured a thriving coastal garden and taken her passion beyond her own block by helping to revegetate local dunes.

A City Gardener
Jane visits the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Melbourne to meet a gardener who has created stunning sensory gardens for patients, staff and visitors to the Centre.

A Tropical Gardener
Jerry travels to Cairns to visit a lush tropical garden created with hard work, creativity and cuttings.

Episode 32

High on a Hill
Tino meets a gardener growing rare and unusual plants from Tasmania’s wilderness in her garden on Mount Wellington.

A Mini Citrus Grove
Costa helps his neighbours plant a mini citrus orchard on their verge.

Landscapes in Miniature
Sophie explores a Japanese garden in Adelaide to see how it’s designed to evoke the landscape of another place.

A Taste of the Andes
Tino’s in The Vegie Patch planting vegies that originated from the Andes.

Tackling Terrain
John Patrick explains the design principles that can be used to tackle a sloping site.

Episode 33

Toughing It Out
Sophie picks and plants some spectacular performers for the dry South Australian summer conditions.

Beating the Heat
Angus demonstrates how to prepare plants to survive summer.

Cooling Our Streets
Costa hits the streets of Sydney to find out about the cooling effects of plants and trees.

Tips for Summer
Jerry shows us how he plants, prunes and protects his garden for the subtropical heat.

Against the Odds
Josh travels to Geraldton in W.A. to meet a gardener whose productive block is designed to thrive in the dry climate.

Episode 34

Creating A Buzz
Costa’s installing a hive of native bees in his backyard to help with pollination.

Life On The Farm
Josh visits a farm in Perth’s city centre that’s growing flower clusters to attract a diversity of insects to keep the garden blooming.

Bless The Mess
Jerry and entomologist Dr Tim Heard look at the benefits of a messy garden, which provides food and habitat to the little creatures.

A Fertile Experiment
Tino uses lettuce to experiment with three liquid fertilisers: worm juice, seaweed extract and fish emulsion – to find out which is the most effective.

A Grassland Haven
Jane visits a grassland at Werribee zoo to see the work being done to restore one of Australia’s most bio-diverse and threatened plant and animal communities.

Episode 35

How We Have Grown
Costa looks back on a successful first year On The Verge and celebrates with his neighbours with a street party.
Celebrating Tasmanian Plants
Tino visits a regional botanic garden built by the community near Hobart that showcases the diversity, colour and adaptability of plants from Tasmania’s South East.

Gardener of the Year
Costa announces the 2012 Gardening Australia “Gardener of the Year”.

Summer at Home
Sophie brings herbs and flowers to the table, literally, planting out a specially built planter inserted in the middle and has friends over for lunch to celebrate the start of summer.

A Tribute to Colin
Gardening Australia celebrates the life of much loved presenter Colin Campbell who passed away in August, and looks at the enduring contribution he made to Australian gardening.