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The vast continent of Australia provides Gardening Australia with an endless variety of locations, climactic conditions and plant species. The series regularly features stories from remote and naturally beautiful regions including National Parks and Botanic Gardens. There are practical tips on organic gardening, recycling, pruning, container gardening and the like. Individual plants, trees and shrubs are ‘profiled’ so that even armchair gardeners can become expert botanists.

The series has six regular presenters including host, Costa Georgiadis. They are highly qualified horticulturalists, environmentalists, botanists but more than anything else they are passionate gardeners!

20 – 26 Jan 2020: Episode 14

Josh’s Place

  • Josh Byrne and Costa Georgiadis
    Costa visits Josh in Perth to meet his family and then have a look at the progress on Josh’s new home and garden.

Kid-Proof Plants

  • Sophie Thomson
    Sophie is giving the area around her kids’ sandpit a facelift with some tough plants that will survive a bit of rough and tumble.

Planting for Play

  • John Patrick
    John explores a schoolyard garden that is designed to be a play space filled with interesting plants and challenging elements to stimulate and engage young minds.

A Family Affair

  • Tino Carnevale
    Tino is working in his parents’ vegetable plot, giving some advice on propagating perennial vegetables, and the whole family gets together to help out.

Episode 15

Tried and True

  • Jerry Coleby-Williams
    Jerry shows how he uses a variety of old methods for making compost, as well as the many ways he puts it to use around the garden.

Good Garden Design

  • John Patrick
    John and a fellow garden designer explore a newly planted garden to discuss the basic principles of successful garden design.

Keep up the Colour

  • Jane Edmanson
    Jane is looking at some of her favourite plants for winter colour and has some tips on how to choose and care for them to ensure an extended display.

Plant Nutrition

  • Tino Carnevale
    Tino plants out some winter crops and shows how to provide for their differing nutritional requirements.

A Shady Paradise

  • Angus Stewart
    Angus discovers a gardener who has overcome the challenges of a sloped and shady site to create a diverse and interesting native garden.

Episode 16

Growing Blueberries

  • Tino Carnevale
    Tino’s planting out blueberries and shares some tips on creating the right soil conditions for them to thrive.

Native Fruit

  • Angus Stewart
    Angus visits a local gardener to learn about native fruits, including some unique varieties and how to propagate them.

An Edible Jungle

  • Costa Georgiadis
    Costa discovers a couple in Perth who have transformed their bare block into a productive edible jungle.

A Formative Prune

  • Sophie Thomson
    Sophie enlists the help of a fruit tree expert to get some advice on shaping the young trees in her new orchard.

Flying Gardeners

  • Jerry Coleby-Williams
    Jerry finds out how to protect productive trees in a way that keeps both fruit and flying foxes safe.

Episode 17

Special – Islands

In our third special for the year, Gardening Australia explores the unique culture of islands – from the Tiwis to Tassie.

Tiwi College

  • Costa Georgiadis & Clarence Slockee
    Costa and Clarence get an insight into the cultural role that the Tiwi College plays in island life.

Cultural Connection

  • Costa & Clarence
    The Jilimara Arts Centre on Melville Island is a hub of traditional artistry, and Costa and Clarence discover that plants are at the centre of it all.

Plants of the Sea

  • Tino Carnevale
    Tino is exploring underwater kelp forests in Tassie, taking a dive with a leading marine biologist to learn more about these unique plants and their future.

Farming for the Islands

  • Costa & Clarence
    Costa and Clarence drop in on Milikapiti Farm, where the locals are growing fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure a constant supply to the island community.

The Next Generation

  • Costa and Clarence
    Costa and Clarence head into the bush with some junior Tiwi rangers and find out how the next generation is learning to manage the land.

Episode 18

A Practical Edge

  • Costa Georgiadis
    Costa shows how easy it is to lay paving and get creative with some simple, DIY techniques.

Josh’s Dream

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh shares the overall plan for his future home and garden, and gets stuck into planting some advanced trees.

The Best Start

  • Tino Carnevale
    Tino demonstrates a number of different planting techniques to get a variety of plants off to a flying start.

The New Beginning

  • Sophie Thomson
    Sophie meets a gardener whose recently-discovered love of plants has transformed his home garden.

A Pathway for the Future

  • Jane Edmanson
    Jane visits a prison where gardening is being used to help disadvantaged prisoners acquire skills on their road to rehabilitation.