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The vast continent of Australia provides Gardening Australia with an endless variety of locations, climactic conditions and plant species. The series regularly features stories from remote and naturally beautiful regions including National Parks and Botanic Gardens. There are practical tips on organic gardening, recycling, pruning, container gardening and the like. Individual plants, trees and shrubs are ‘profiled’ so that even armchair gardeners can become expert botanists.

The series has six regular presenters including host, Costa Georgiadis. They are highly qualified horticulturalists, environmentalists, botanists but more than anything else they are passionate gardeners!

21-27 Sept: Episode 23

How to Prune Roses

Jane Edmanson

Jane shows how to prune and look after roses in winter to encourage an abundance of flowers in spring.


Building a Worm Farm

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry shows how to build and set up a worm farm for next to nothing.


A Harvest & a Hangi

Costa Georgiadis

Costa visits a garden that’s nurturing one of Sydney’s Pacific Islander communities by growing traditional crops and hosting feasts.

A Catchment Solution

John Patrick

John finds out about an innovative project that’s capturing and reusing stormwater to care for city parks and gardens in Melbourne.

Colour, Colour & Colour

Tino Carnevale

Tino plants out the beds around his back lawn to provide a riot of colour throughout the seasons.

Episode 24

Snakes and Ladders

Jane Edmanson

Jane explores a whimsical garden that is bursting with imaginative plantings and playful landscaping.


Cooking-up Compost

Sophie Thomson

Sophie shows how to build and maintain a three-bay composting system.


Child’s Play

Josh Byrne

Josh plants out his garden with a variety of plants for his kids to enjoy and engage with.


A Living History

John Patrick

John visits the Burnley Gardens with an old friend to explore the way gardening has changed over the last century.


A Growing Career

Costa Georgiadis

Costa meets a student who is embarking on a career in horticulture while finishing high school.

Episode 25

Tricky Spot Solutions

John Patrick

John visits a native plant nursery to find some plants that are suitable for a range of common problem spots.

Jose’s Dream

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry is in Far North Queensland visiting a quirky rainforest garden and theme park built on a grand scale in the 1930s by a Catalan immigrant.


Novel Nutrition

Angus Stewart

Angus is experimenting with some alternative sources of nutrition for native plants.


A Variety of Vegies

Sophie Thomson

Sophie visits a friend growing heirloom vegetables, and gets some tips on some unusual varieties.


A Horticultural Revival

Costa Georgiadis & Josh Byrne

Costa visits Josh who shows him around a vibrant urban orchard and habitat garden in the middle of the city.


Episode 26


In Gardening Australia’s next special episode for 2013, Costa and the team meet some trailblazing experts who are breaking new ground in the world of horticultural and environmental research and education, and sustainability.



Closing the Loop

John Patrick

John meets Joost Bakker, visionary entrepreneur who is leading the way towards a zero-waste future.

Primed for Life

Costa Georgiadis

Costa is in Port Kembla visiting a primary school that is teaching kids to grow food based on sustainable and ecological principals.


The Way of the Future

Sophie Thomson

Sophie visits Port Augusta to explore a world first greenhouse project, which is growing vegetables by harnessing the power of the sun and sea.


Life Lessons

Costa Georgiadis

Costa heads to a senior school in Port Kembla to check out their vegetable garden, which is used by students as a central plank in their curriculum and as a way of helping some with social re-engagement.


Our Changing World

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry is in New South Wales to explore an environmental project on a grand scale that aims to assess what effect increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 will have on our trees and natural ecosystems.

Episode 27

Spring Planting

Tino Carnevale

Tino is planting tomatoes to get a head start on spring, as well as sowing seed for beetroot and leafy vegetables.


Better Late Than Never!

Costa Georgiadis

Costa visits a village for the over-fifty-fives whose residents have discovered a newfound passion for gardening, thanks to an enthusiastic neighbour.


A Citrus Primer

Jane Edmanson

Jane is talking about how to select a good lemon tree at nurseries, and shows how to plant a young tree to ensure it gets the best start possible.


Subtropical Success

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry shows what it takes to overcome the challenges for productive gardeners in the subtropics.


A Succulent Garden

Josh Byrne

Josh plants out a garden bed filled with low water use and low maintenance succulents.

Episode 28

Productive Planting

Josh Byrne

Josh is planting a range of productive vegetables and leafy greens that will provide a bountiful harvest for his growing family.


A Living Litmus

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry explains how citrus trees will tell you when it’s time to fertilise your garden.


Nuts About Natives

Angus Stewart

Angus is visits a garden whose owner has spent the last ten years indulging in his passion for native plants.


Tons of Tomatoes

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how to make more tomatoes for free and stagger plants them for an extended harvest.


Cutting Costs

Jane Edmanson

Jane shows how to keep costs down by propagating your own plants from cuttings.


Produce to Preserves

Sophie Thomson

Sophie visits a couple who use the power of preserving to ensure that nothing they grow goes to waste.

Episode 29

Bang for Your Buck

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how to get the most out of your vegetable patch by planting prolific and unusual varieties.


Balancing Nitrogen

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry demonstrates the effects of excess nitrogen on plant growth, and explains how its over-application can be avoided.


A Room with a View

Costa Georgiadis

Costa explores a bush garden that provides a tranquil and calming setting for the patients of a psychology practice.


Growing Rhododendrons

Jane Edmanson

Jane looks at rhododendrons of all sizes and colours, and shows what they need to thrive.


A Wealth of Resources

Sophie Thomson

Sophie shows how to put garden waste to use by making rope and plant supports.


A Tropical Paradise

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry meets a North Queensland gardener who has created a lush oasis with a rich collection of tropical plants.

Episode 30

Creating a Windbreak

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how to select and plant out a range of native plants to create an effective windbreak.


Planting Companions

Josh Byrne

Josh plants a range of flowering perennials around his vegetable patch to attract beneficial insects.


Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry shares some tips on how to use mulch when preparing a garden bed.

Growing Together

Jane Edmanson

Jane visits a couple who have been gardening together for over forty years to look at some of their tried and true methods.


Restoring Bishopscourt

John Patrick

John visits the Bishopscourt, the Melbourne Anglican Archbishop’s house & garden on the city fringe that is being restored by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Episode 31

Creating Connection

Costa Georgiadis

Costa lends a hand with a revegetation project on the banks of the Cooks River in Western Sydney.


A Small Kingdom

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry drops in on a couple who are growing a variety of produce in their rental garden using a range of inventive methods.


Look to the Locals

Angus Strewart

Angus visits a local flora reserve to look at some indigenous plants that are great garden performers in his local area.


Summer Colour

Jane Edmanson

Jane plants some of her favourite summer perennials for long lasting colour.



Tino Carnevale

Tino visits ‘Sumerhome’, an historic house & garden on the outskirts of Hobart that has been in the same family for generations.

Episode 32

Plant Protection

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how to keep productive crops protected from common animal pests.


Propagating King Fern

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry demonstrates an interesting propagation technique on a giant of the fern family.


Lady of the Camellias

Sophie Thomson

Sophie visits a garden devoted to camellia species, run by a band of volunteers.


Don’t Panic!

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry visits a veterinarian and gardener to learn about poisonous plants and their toxicity to animals.


Small Miracles

Jane Edmanson

Jane visits a native orchid grower to learn more about this special group of Australian plants and how to grow them.

Episode 33

Talking Trees

Costa Georgiadis

Costa talks backyard tree selection and maintenance with a renowned arborist.


Zucchini & Onions

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how to overcome zucchini problems and how to grow an unusual variety of perennial onion.


Keeping Active

Josh Byrne

Josh visits a retired couple who are actively involved in Kings Park volunteer groups as well as their own thriving native garden.


At War With Weeds

Sophie Thomson

Sophie demonstrates how to tackle annual and perennial weeds efficiently and effectively.

Maintaining Raspberries

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how to maintain and divide raspberry canes for a bumper crop.


East Meets West

John Patrick

John visits a bayside garden on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula whose owners are successfully growing Western Australian natives.

Episode 34

Starting Small

Tino Carnevale

Tino shares some tips on successful seed propagation, including sowing techniques and making homemade seed raising mixes.


A Practical Approach

Sophie Thomson

Sophie catches up with an old friend who shows her how he has set up his garden for low maintenance and maximum effect.


A Suburban Oasis

Costa Georgiadis

Costa visits a garden whose owners have turned their backyard swimming pool into a freshwater oasis for plants and animals.

Self-watering Pots

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry shows how to make self-watering pots out of cheap and easy to source materials.


An Orchid Enthusiast

Angus Stewart

Angus meets a gardener with a passion for native orchids and gets some tips on propagation.

Episode 35

Special Episode – Landscapes and Biodiversity

In Gardening Australia’s final special for 2013, we visit some of the country’s most spectacular, yet threatened landscapes, and look at the work being done to ensure their future.


Reading the Signs

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry meets ecologist Professor David Lindenmayer to find out how the way we use land for food production affects biodiversity and natural ecosystems.


Turning the Tide

Costa Georgiadis

Costa is on Montague Island off the south coast of NSW to see one of the biggest issues facing our native plants and animals – introduced weeds.


Repairing the Land

Jane Edmanson

Jane is in northwest Victoria to find out about the state’s largest private conservation property, Neds Corner, and meets the current managers working to repair it.

Linking the Landscape

Josh Byrne

Josh is in southwest WA exploring a large-scale revegetation project that aims to secure the future of the region’s significant plants and animals.


The Bottom Line

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry visits a farmer who is increasing productivity by managing his land for biodiversity and ultimately, profitability.

Episode 36

Two Years On

Tino Carnevale

Tino shows how he uses onsite materials to help make his steep slope more accessible, as well as improve his soil.


An Australian Celebration

Jane Edmanson

Jane visits the home garden of Phillip Johnson, which inspired the design that won Chelsea’s Best in Show award earlier this year.


Time to Relax

Josh Byrne

Josh reflects on the construction of his new house and gets stuck into some summer garden preparation.


Using Climbers

Tino Carnevale

Tino talks about selecting the right climber for the right job by looking at some examples.


And the Winner is…

Sophie Thomson

Sophie presents the coveted golden spade to the 2013 Gardener of the Year, and explores her winning garden.