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Episode 1.

Con claims to be the garden guru of the family which Teresa laughs at. She makes fun of him often for his poor attempts at the garden. He’s now given up and just mows it.
Con and Theresa’s dream is to have a front yard where his daughters can play in a safe environment and they can all have fun.
Valda has lived in Carroll Street for the last 38 years. Recently retired, Valda has immerses herself in lots of charity work and has left little time for her garden.

Episode 2.

Meet the people at Number 8, Lena, Vatch and their two darling little girls Isabella and Sienna.
Next door at number 10 are Carla and her two sons Andrew and Matthew
Carla and her boys have been living at number 8 Lena Vatch for 23 years and 8 years ago Lena and Vatch moved next door. Both families hit it off straight away and now they’ve got even more in common – both their front yards are in desperate need of a makeover.
The teams turn both front yards from baron to lush with extras surprises for both families.

Episode 3.

Martin “Pucko Dixon and his wife Katie bought their house 7 or so years ago. Their front yard is uninteresting and the dead shrubs and tree do nothing to enhance the look of the house. Although torrential rain made our job difficult we still managed to transform boring into beautiful.

Episode 4.

Kerryn and Bevan Camp have two children Annika 3 ½ and Imogen 16months. Kerryn is embarrassed by her yard and wants something nice to come home. With inspiration from the Native Australian Bush, our team has designed an easy care modern Australian style garden.

Episode 5.

Michelle works from home in Investment Real Estate. Jim works in the IT Industry. Michelle has had several Gardening Companies come and design a new garden none have returned as she feels the garden is too small a job for them. We produce a mix of tropical and natural style with a combination of bold exotic foliage and tough Australian natives.

Episode 6.

Alan and Catherine don’t feel comfortable sitting on their veranda for more than a couple of minutes as passers by can look right at them and into the house. We give the family the privacy they need to sit on their balcony, and generally relax in the sun, surrounded by lush greenery.

Episode 7.

Diane Parmagos lives with her partner Babis. Diane used to live in her family home which is next door, which is now owned by her sister.
Diane is very much into meditation and Feng Shui and would like the house to have positive feng shui.
We produce a low maintenance, succulent garden with a dramatic feature at the centre. A highlight of the design is two traditional French parterre gardens with an Australian twist and we give Dianne the Feng Shui garden she’s always wanted

Episode 8.

The neighbours here a very sociable, men play cricket and footy with the kids in the street and often catch up for a beer whilst the women enjoy meeting out the front for a chat whilst watching the smaller kids play.
Jill and Collin would like a garden that gives a safe and inviting welcome to her clients and provide a place for them to enjoy a quiet moment or two.
We create a relaxation area where Jill’s clients can relax on the bench before or after treatments whilst listening to the tranquil sounds of water trickling down the copper water feature. The girls can happily, pick their home grown bananas whilst mum and dad chill out.