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Gardening 101

Presented by Melanie Walker and Linda Galvad, the third season of Gardening 101 showcases noteworthy gardens that are sure to inspire novice and seasoned gardeners alike. Melanie takes a closer look at what sets these gardens apart, while Linda shares her knowledge on organic vegetable gardening.

Linda Galvad
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22-28 Feb: Episode 12

Lifestyle Garden Show 2017

This episode featured the much anticipated the Lifestyle Garden design show 2017. Growing your fruit and veg on a small scale is a great idea and one that is very achievable. Linda Galvad gives a recap on creating the perfect soil for container gardening and shows you how to plant sweet potatoes and  we bring you a designer rooftop garden that’s perfect for a modern space.

Episode 13

Landscapes and Eco-living

Melanie visits a modern home in Parkhurst that boasts a cottage garden, an outdoor recreational garden room and a rooftop veggie garden. After weeks of nurturing and caring for your green babies, Linda Galvad takes a look at the joys of harvesting. When to harvest, how to harvest and what to do with some of the produce after harvesting! We also bring you a piece of Provence from the North West province as we explore the eco- estate Estate d’afrique.