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Melanie Walker, one of South Africa’s most passionate landscape enthusiasts, once again joins forces once again with food gardener extraordinaire, Linda Galvad in a fresh season of Gardening 101.

Melanie takes us through more of the country’s most impressive gardens, from private homes to public spaces and botanical wonders, digging deeper into the world of horticulture and sharing ideas and tips that you can use in your own garden.
Linda brings us more of the advice we need to create bountiful vegetable gardens which will be the envy of the neighbourhood. From preparing and planting right through the care and harvesting your fruitful crop!

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Melanie visits a wholesale plant grower that specializes in bedding plants to find out some of the varieties they have in store. Linda Galvad gives you the 101 to starting an organic veggie garden and find out what plants you should getting into your garden this week

Episode 2
We look at some of the recycling solutions to turning food into compost and other probiotics that are beneficial to garden . Linda Galvad shows you how to bring recycling methods into your organic veggie patch. We also have plants that will be a great addition to your garden.

Episode 3
Water shortages and restrictions have forced gardeners to think of water-wise solutions, Melanie explores some these options to help you pick the right one for your gardening space. Linda Galvad plants organic Zucchinis using heirloom seeds. And find out what plants Melanie has for you this week

Episode 4
Melanie looks at what you need to create a wetland at home to contribute to fixing the problem of wetland decline by turning your swimming pool into a swimpond. Linda and her guest harvest fresh organic produce to prepare a delectable dish. We also have some water plant suggestions for your garden

Episode 5
Melanie Walker discusses the benefits of compost, potting soil, lawn dressing and lawn dressing; Linda Galvad gives you basics of planting tomatoes; and find out which climbing plants will do well in your garden

Episode 6
We visit a garden that’s inspired by the Far East. It’s lush, exotic and full of ideas that you could implement in your garden. Linda will show you how to propagate veggies from cut-off of vegetables, plus find out what ferns will be useful indoors as well as in the garden

Episode 7
We visit the Lifestyle Home Garden Show 2018 to find what inspired this year’s design. Linda Galvad discusses companion plants for your veggies and we also bring you plants to look for at your local nursery

Episode 8
We bring you the more gardens from 2018 Lifestyle Show Gardens, Organic veggie gardener, Linda Galvad, gives tips on how to go about planting in pots and also answers some of the most asked questions when it come to organic gardening. And finally, Melanie Walker chats to one of the students who put together one of the remarkable Show Gardens on offer.

Episode 9
We discuss eco friendly ways to get rid of pests in the garden; we show you how to make you own organic compost and we also bring you fruits and nuts varieties to plant

Episode 10
We visit the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre to find out about the continuation of the late Margaret Robert’s legacy. We show you how to make a raised garden bed and the top 5 must have herbs.

Episode 11

Find out what you need to know when gardening with trees, Linda Galvad recycles & upcycles household goods to use in the organic garden; we also look at why roses are still a firm favourite for most gardeners

Episode 12
We look at the role play bees in gardens and visit a beekeeper’s honey room, Linda Galvad shows you how to germinate seeds; and we bring you some old favourite indigenous plants that would be a great addition to the garden.

Episode 13
We explore alpine planting and find out how landscapers are using it in their designs, Linda Galvad shows you how to plant your own micro greens; and we also meet a landscaper who is a passionate collector of succulents and cacti.