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Presented by Melanie Walker and Linda Galvad, the third season of Gardening 101 showcases noteworthy gardens that are sure to inspire novice and seasoned gardeners alike. Melanie takes a closer look at what sets these gardens apart, while Linda shares her knowledge on organic vegetable gardening.

Linda Galvad


18-24 Jan: Episode 7 – Townhouse Garden

Plants:Trees for a small garden

On this episode of Gardening 101, it’s all about small space gardening. We check out a contemporary work of art that showcases clever design principles and ways to maximize your space. Our organic gardening expert Linda Galvad, shows you how to protect your fruit and veggies against birds and pests… then Melanie gives you the 101 guide to finding the perfect size tree for a small garden

Episode 8 – Shepstone Gardens

Plants:Herbaceous borders

On this episode of Gardening 101, we bring you the renowned Shepstone Gardens located in the heart of Johannesburg. We discover gardens of varying styles which have made this venue a firm favourite for weddings and other special occasions. Linda Galvad advises on which insects you want in your vegetable garden and shows you ways to attract these beneficial insects. Then we find out how to create beautiful herbaceous borders for the garden.

Episode 9 – Random Harvest nursery

Melanie visits Random Harvest nursery to find how we can go about indigenous gardening, especially in the highveld. Linda Galvad shows how to make your own compost and we take a look at indigenous plants that not only give you colour but also attracts wildlife into the garden.

Episode 10 – Cradle of Humankind

Melanie visits Bristlecone nursery in Cradle of Humankind to explore their gardens and the variety of plants available. The concept of “crop rotation” could sound daunting, but Linda Galvad takes the sting out of this crucial part of organic edible gardening. And we also find out more about the varieties of grasses to use in the garden.

Episode 11 – Pretoria Botanical

We go wandering around the Pretoria Botanical gardens for inspiration. Organic vegetable gardening can take place right through the year, if you plan accordingly. Linda Galvad shares tips and tricks for gardening in the colder months. And we also take a look at the world of succulents.

Episode 12 – Lifestyle Garden Show 2017

This episode featured the much anticipated the Lifestyle Garden design show 2017. Growing your fruit and veg on a small scale is a great idea and one that is very achievable. Linda Galvad gives a recap on creating the perfect soil for container gardening and shows you how to plant sweet potatoes and  we bring you a designer rooftop garden that’s perfect for a modern space.

Episode 13 – Landscapes and Eco-living

Melanie visits a modern home in Parkhurst that boasts a cottage garden, an outdoor recreational garden room and a rooftop veggie garden. After weeks of nurturing and caring for your green babies, Linda Galvad takes a look at the joys of harvesting. When to harvest, how to harvest and what to do with some of the produce after harvesting! We also bring you a piece of Provence from the North West province as we explore the eco- estate Estate d’afrique.