Game of Homes

Time Schedule

Mon 15:00 | Wed 19:00 | Thu 12:00 | Fri 11:00


Game of Homes is a huge home renovation competition format, which takes place in the heart of Vancouver. Four teams of two are given an abandoned house scheduled for demolition; and room-by-room, renovate it into the house of their dreams. These houses, which would otherwise have been destroyed, were picked up off their foundations and ceremoniously moved by heavy hauler trucks before being transferred to massive barges and floated to downtown Vancouver. Here, side by side at the Game of Homes site, the teams will have just 4 weeks to completely renovate their houses while they live on site and inside their slowly improving homes. In the dramatic finale, the team whose finished house is voted the best – wins their house and a plot to land to put it on!

Each episode, the teams are faced with a new area of their house to renovate and transform. The teams must complete these projects using skill, ingenuity and teamwork. Teams face impossible time constraints and physical exhaustion, as they transform every inch of their houses including the exterior. Our Game of Homes judges will be looking at workmanship, design and overall transformations in deciding which team will win each week. The winning team each week will earn exciting prizes for their work and be one step closer to winning their own house!

10 – 16 Dec: Episode 8 – The Final Countdown

The Public is the guest judge
Teams have 48 hours to correct their mistakes and get the houses ready for the public vote. Dave welcomes the public to view the finished houses and their vote, combined with the judges, is used to tabulate the winner. And in an emotional finale, one team wins the Ultimate prize: A house, all the furniture, and a plot of land. Who will win Game of Homes?