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Fresh Cut is an inspiring floral show that takes viewers on a uniquely South African floral journey. Join floral communication expert Jill Manson as she invites you to explore the joy that flowers bring. Each episode revolves around a specific theme as Jill meets some truly fascinating people, demonstrates eye-catching floral designs and shares tips and tricks to create your own masterpieces.

Learn how to create and style flowers like a professional.
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26 Nov – 02 Dec: Episode 13

Jill is looking at the theme of Floral Sculptural Design and how you can create spectacular floral arrangements that can become artistic sculptures for your home or event.


19 – 25 Nov: Episode 12

Jill is looking at the theme of Glamorous Opulence and how you can design spectacular floral arrangements that are perfect for your sensational dinner parties.

12 – 18 Nov: Episode 11 – Healing flowers, from farm to table

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut, Jill is searching for Healing Flowers and how you can get them From Farm to Table… Jill visits The Herb Farm in Johannesburg to get inspiration from a truly wonderful place filled with amazing flowers, vegetables and herbs. She then show you how to choose flowers and arrange floral designs that hold healing properties, changing your frown upside down…

DESIGN STYLE 1: Asymmetrical Arrangement of healing flowers and herbs on flat wooden base

Flowers: Penstemons, Fennel, Rosemary, Artichoke, Cabbage Leaf, Salvia and Lavender

Techniques: Waterproof the base/container with cellophane placed below the wet flower foam block to prevent damage to the wood. Start with the largest form flower first and then set the maximum height for the design and follow the line you create between the linear flowers and the largest form. Hide the mechanic of the flower foam block with dodder and moss which gives a natural look and texture.


DESIGN STYLE 2 : Traditional and Edible Round Arrangement

Flowers: Red Garden roses, Spinach Leaves, Bronze Fennel, Peach Garden Roses, Celery Leaves.

Techniques: Creating a basing for a traditional round vase and then using grouping of flowers as focal forms in the centre point for impact.



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05 – 11 Nov: Episode 10 – Modern Contemporary

In this episode of Fresh Cut, Jill explores the theme of Modern Contemporary Design. She shows you how to choose flowers and arrange floral designs that fit a modern contemporary style. Jill also demonstrates how to select vases that compliment the modern contemporary look you want to achieve.

DESIGN STYLE 1 :   Parallel Design

Flowers: White arums, Mother-in-Laws Tongue, Aralia Leaf, White Snowdon Chrysanthemum, Chinks, Green Dianthus

Techniques: Filling the vase with white stones to raise the base of it to achieve the height required by the Arums. Slicing the centre of mother-in-laws tongue leaf to allow the vertical placements of the arum lilies into the vase for support. Pinning of the chinks on manipulation of them to create an arc with their stems to emphasize the conceptual design element of the piece. Gluing of the dianthus flower heads onto the basing of the mother in law tongue using cold glue to achieve overall balance of the design. Bundling of the chinks to place them horizontally onto the base of the leaf opposite to the dianthus.


DESIGN STYLE 2 :   Minimal Zen Arrangement

Flowers: Purple Tulips, Cerise Gerberas, Allium Flower, Pussy Willow and Aspidistra Leaf

Techniques: Use a kenzan to anchor the flowers and then hide the kenzan with stones.


DESIGN STYLE 3 :   Transforming a traditional country bunch into a modern design

Flowers: Red, Cream and Orange Roses, Orange Lilies, Cerise carnations, Orange Gerbera

Techniques: Use a well soaked block of flower foam that has a suction device to stick it to the base of a large 30cm glass square vase. Dismantle the bouquet and cut the stems extremely short and create a design inside the vase following the square shape.

29 Oct – 04 Nov: Episode 9

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut, Jill explores the theme of Country Style. She shows you how to choose flowers and arrange floral designs that smack of the country look & feel. Jill also demonstrates how to select vases and create containers that compliment the country look you want to achieve.


DESIGN STYLE 1 : Free Form Provencal Vase Design

Flowers: White Anemones, White Snowdon, Black Eyed Chinks, White Roses, Cream Lilies, Wheat, Brown Grasses, Hydrangea, Amaranthus, Asparagus Plumoses, Everlastings, White Cornflowers
Techniques: Placing oasis high in the container to allow for flowers cascade down to the table surface. Triangular shaped design with many spaces for creating a natural and free form design with a country feeling.

DESIGN STYLE 2 : Conceptual Rustic Design with a Country Flair

Flowers: Light Blue Hydrangea, Eryngium, Pink Veronica, Wax, Latifolia, Blue Stattice, Lilac Roses
Techniques: Creating a vessel out of an oasis foam ball cut in half and using biofix wire and rattan or palm bark to hide the foam base.




22 – 28 Oct: Episode 8

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut, Jill visits a flower market to find ways you can add flair through flowers to celebrate special occasions. Jill also demonstrates how to select flowers and arrange floral designs that compliment a variety of celebration occasions.

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DESIGN STYLE 1 : Low budget decor for a bachelorette centrepiece


Flowers: Carnations, Blue Sweet Peas, Montbresia, Yellow Pin Cushions, Yellow Snowdon’s
Techniques: Spraying Pineapples with flower spray.




DESIGN STYLE 2 : A Masculine 21st Theme
Flowers: Purple Astrantia, Maroon Arums, Aralia Leaf, White Anemone, Bromeliads, Desert Rose Succulent, Purple Dianthus and Slangras
Techniques: Grouping & Colour co-ordinating





15 – 21 Oct: Episode 7

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut, Jill visits a local art gallery in the heart of Johannesburg to showcase flowers to suit industrial living spaces. She shows you how to choose flowers and arrange floral designs that speak to the theme and how to arrange floral designs that will compliment the art in your home.

Special thanks:

Art Eye Gallery



DESIGN STYLE 1 : Coffee Table Design

Flowers:  Waratahs, Stargazer Lily, Wild Berries, Leucadendron, Weeping Willow, Chrysanthemums.
Techniques: By taking a vase, using wire to create a net over so that flowers can be held in place in the vase.





DESIGN STYLE 2 : Simple clean floral arrangement for a busy industrial space.

Flowers:  Palm Leaves, Proteas, Stargazer Lily.
Techniques:  Grouping flowers in separate vases that compliment each other and the space.




DESIGN STYLE 3 : Floral design that is inspired by art in your home.

Flowers:  Strelitzia, Dendrobiums, Blue Thistle, Anthurium, Pussy Willow, Dricenia Leaves, Green Date Berries.
Techniques: Using floral foam to group a variety of flowers together in a vase to create high contrast that compliments the art in your home.




08 – 14 Oct: Episode 6

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut, Jill visits a gift store and flower market to find great gifting ideas. Jill also demonstrates how you can create floral designs that compliment that perfect gift.

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DESIGN STYLE 1 : Modern asymmetrical grouping .

Flowers: Sunflowers, Orange Banksia, Golden rod, Pussy willow, lavender
Techniques: inserting a vase into a gift bag and using floral foam in the vase to design flowers out of the bag withFlat backed design free form


DESIGN STYLE 2 : Wreath style arrangement around a candle

Flowers: Pink esperanza roses, green mini kol kol, viburnim, white sweet peas.
Techniques:  massing and grouping

DESIGN STYLE 3 : Gift in a decorative flower carry box with gift tray

Flowers: Red roses
Techniques: the use of the deco box and soaking the oasis then placing flowers in the foam in a round shape in the oasis to fit back into the box. Ferrrero rocher chocs in the drawer.




01 – 07 Oct: Episode 5

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut, Jill visits the home of artist Elzabe de Klerk to find out more about her love for repurposing discarded items. Jill also demonstrates how you can create floral designs that give life to otherwise forgotten items.

Special Thanks:

Elzabe de Klerk
Paint ICU – Project Management & Renovations


Taking an already existing wooden structure and designing a unique floral design. This floral creation shows how flowers can adorn a salvaged item, giving it a new purpose.
Flowers: Craspedia, Oncidiums yellow, white wax, matricaria white


Table Runner:

Creating a table runner is quick and easy if you know what foliage and dried flowers to use.
Flowers: dark pink bougainvillea, cycad leaves, peppercorn leaves, ornamental/italian ruscus:


24 – 30 Sept: Episode 4

In this episode of Fresh Cut, Jill meets Anton Burger who has perfected the art of embellishing objects with glass beads. Jill shares her take on embellishing ordinary vases, and creates striking vessels with the help of vegetables…

Special Thanks:
Anton Burger,
Beadwork artist


Embellished vase

Transform a plain vase into an eye catching vessel by covering the vase in double sided sticky tape and covering in flowers.
Flowers: Pink alstroemeria (Inca Lilies), coral fern and white arums

Vegetable vases:

To add interest to your vase, you can use vegetables like carrots, beans and spring onion. Use two vases of the same shape but in different sizes. Insert the smaller one inside the larger vase and fill the space between them using your choice of linear vegetable. Try to link the colour of the flowers with the colour of the vegetable that you insert between the two vases.
Flowers: Peach roses and carrots /white freesias and spring onions


17 – 23 Sept: Episode 3


In this episode of Fresh Cut, Jill meets individuals who share their take on accessorising. From a floral necklace to a floral crown…

Special Thanks:
Eugenie Drakes; PIECE
Hendra Gouws; Die Blomskuur

Floral Necklace and Crown
For a special occasion, be bold and daring by wearing a floral necklace or crown. Remember to soak the flowers in water before using, to ensure they last. The wired necklace and crown was made by the talented Hendra Gouws of Die Blomskuur, but you can add flowers to existing jewellery pieces.
Flowers: Bromeliads, orange ranunculus, yellow snowdons, white king protea, craspedia, porcupine quills, guinea fowl feathers. Sundries: red mahogany seed pods. wire, biofix.



Floral Fan + Corsage
A great way to add floral flair as an accessory is to add them to a fan or a corsage. By using floral glue, simply stick the flowers to these items.
Flowers: Light blue delphiniums, black eyed chinks, orange ranunculus, white wax, fynbos, cerise sweet william




10 – 16 Sept: Episode 2

Jill meets acclaimed botanical artist Ann Harris. She is inspired by Ann’s art and shows you how to create floral designs with a botanical inspiration.

Special Thanks: Anne Harris;

Deconstructed Agapanthus
Taking inspiration from Ann Harris’ Agapanthus art work, this modern-contemporary design plays with the idea of a deconstructed Agapanthus. The square floral foam houses sweet peas and fern leaves.
Flowers: Lilac sweet peas, maiden hair fern, an agapanthus plant with no flower or stem.
Technique: Massing sweet peas onto a square-shaped floral foam unit. Agapanthus placed inside the square in a glass cylider vase approx 15cm high inside the square.

Arrangement in dried palm frond
Incorporating dried elements in your floral designs is a great way to bring life to your creations. In this design the base is a dried palm frond, with a block of floral foam placed inside it.
Flowers: purple anthiriums, granadilla vine, asparagus fern, light orange hyacinths, Queen Anne’s lace, purple hybrid delphinium, pink ranunculus, alium, variegated pelargonium leaves, Astilbe, black privet berries, delicious monster leaves, light pink seed asters, red salvia.






03 – 09 Sept: Episode 1

In episode of Fresh Cut, Jill gets inspiration from her own garden and shows you how to forage greenery to create a floral display on the go..
Special Thanks: Bunches; 167 Jan Smuts, Parktown North, 011 880 2890

Modern minimal entrance hall design
For a modern minimal design with maximum impact, you can cluster glass vases in different shapes together. Simply pop interesting leaves in the vases and you have an eye catching design for your entrance hall…
Flowers: Lucky bamboo, monstera leaf, philedendron leaf, variegated draecena leaf, white snowdon


Entrance Hall Statement
For a more dramatic entrance hall floral design, create a flat-backed asymmetrical, informal rustic feature.
Flowers: Flax, monstera leaves, strelitzia leaves, Nandina domestica berries, Bottlebrush, Viburnum, soft palm, red roses and Philodendron leaves

Flower Arch

If you are planning a special occasion, creating a floral arch is an exciting project to take on.
Flowers: Camellia, black privet berries, Coccolus leaves, Jasminum Polyanthum, Palm leaves


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