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Mounting the print

  1. Show different framed samples and emphasize that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time and money on finding suitable art work- art shops sell affordable prints but you can also use pictures from old calendars, or simply use family photos. Mirrors are also ideal to frame.
  2. Select print of old building as a suitable print to be framed.
  3. Decide on a suitable colour mat board that will form the surrounding border.
  4. Decide on the border width(50 mm), add to picture size and cut mat board to size.
  5. Also cut grey backing board same size as mat board for later use.
  6. Mark out border width on back of matboard and cut bevelled opening using matcutter and ruler.
  7. Attach picture to top of matboard only- use acid free tape and it must hang like a curtain from top. This will allow for expansion.

Making the frame:

  1. Select suitable coloured moulding (plain black with rebate) –moulding must not be too bright and must not distract from picture. Show small selection of mouldings.
  2. Place moulding in mitre saw and cut 4 sides slightly longer than required (5-8mm).
  3. Remember- Moulding is placed so that rebate faces operator with decorative side upwards- start with left cut- slide moulding to correct length -swing saw to right and cut.
  4. Use mitre trimmer to trim each end to ensure a perfect fit.
  5. Clamp all 4 sides of frame using strap clamp and insert V- nails from the back using “Pushmaster” tool.
  6. Frame is now ready for assembly.

Assembling all components in the frame:

  1. Place frame on table with rebate side facing upwards.
  2. Clean pre-cut glass and place inside frame
  3. Place matboard with hinged art print upside down on top of glass.
  4. Now place the grey backing board(cut earlier) on top of matboard
  5. Secure everything in the frame by inserting flexipoints into the rebate.
  6. Cover the open joint with brown backing tape.
  7. Insert screw eyes 150 mm from top using pushmaster or pliers
  8. Fasten hanging wire to screw eyes using special knot.
  9. Frame is now ready for hanging on the wall.