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Design Wars

When three top interior designers come together in a family’s home to battle it out through a series of demanding style challenges, there are tears, drama, and plenty of emotion. Ultimately only one can win the right to restyle a problem space in the family’s home. The pressure is on as the family eliminates one […]

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Charlie Luxton Homes by the Med

Charlie Luxton sets sail to explore the fascinating architecture of Mediterranean seaside homes. With a fantastic climate, gorgeous coastline, rich history and diverse collection of cultures, it’s no wonder so many people are drawn to the shores of the Med. Bordered by Europe, Africa and Asia, this “sea in the middle of the land” has […]

5-Ingredient Fix

Roasted Figs with Fresh Ricotta

 PREP TIME: 5minCOOK TIME: 15minSERVES: 4 servings Ingredients  6 to 8 Mission figs, halved 1 tablespoon unsalted butter 3 tablespoons honey Pinch ground cinnamon Pinch kosher salt Fresh ricotta or fat free Greek yogurt, for serving Directions Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.Put the figs, cut side up, in a baking dish. Melt the […]

5-Ingredient Fix

Fresh Tomato Dressing

Yields: 2 cups BYOC: Use your favorite herb here and tailor this dressing to the meal or your family’s favorite flavors… fresh thyme oregano, basil, chervil, parsley, anything goes! Try serving this sweet and tangy dressing tossed with fresh baby spinach, a baby mesclun mix or even butter lettuce and blue cheese. Ingredients 1 cup […]

Ask Aida

Cardamom-Orange French Toast with Honeyed Strawberries

Here are some recipes to wake up to! Aida shakes up breakfast with Cardamom-Orange French Toast, with Honeyed Strawberries. And the perfect pancakes every time with Aida’s Cakey Buttermilk Pancakes that she likes to serve with Blackberry Syrup. Yield: 3 to 4 servings Prep Time: 12 minutes Cook Time: 12 minutes InActive Prep Time: 12 […]


Home by Novogratz

Home By Novogratz sees husband–and–wife design team, Bob and Cortney Novogratz take on a design or renovation project that will challenge them to come up with a wildly creative and totally original idea that neither they, nor the audience, have seen before. Each project that they undertake is based on the Novogratz’ key principles: good […]


Pet Feeding Station

In this project Peter and Annalien builds a versatile pet feeder with storage space and a drawer that houses your pet’s bowls… You will need: Tools Materials PCM 1800 SD Compound mitre saw Pine 20mm PAR grain in long direction PSR 18 Cordless drill Cupboard sides 450 mm x 800mm – 2 pieces PEX 220 […]


Crochet – Gingham Blanket

This week Gloria is joined by Carina Visser also known as Ouma Ralie from Kismet Yarns. She shows us how to make a stylish double –sided gingham blanket by crocheting. She will teach us various techniques such as making front post and back post stitches to create texture, slip stitches, how to use different coloured […]