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Painted Fabric Cushion

Chalk paint is any crafters addiction; with its multiple uses on various surfaces, it makes it hard not use.  This week on Show Me How, Gloria Bastos is joined by Sofia da Cunha of O’Grady’s Paint. She will show us the versatile uses of this product on wood, ceramics and fabric. She will teach us […]

Donna Hay Fast Fresh Simple

Smoky Chilli Chicken Burger

  Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 teaspoon smoked sweet paprika 1 teaspoon dried chilli flakes 2 x 200g chicken breast fillets, trimmed and sliced lengthways 2 bread rolls, halved rocket (arugula) leaves, to serve lemon mayonnaise ¼ cup (85g) store-bought whole-egg mayonnaise 1 tablespoon lemon juice Method To make the lemon mayonnaise, place the […]

Chef Michael's Kitchen

Decadent Pancakes

Yield:  4 servings Ingredients 3 cups of flour 2 tablespoons of baking powder 2 tablespoons of sugar ½ teaspoon of salt 2 cups of buttermilk 2 eggs ½ cup of butter, melted 2 teaspoons of vanilla Method Preheat your griddle or a large skillet over medium high heat. In a medium bowl, whisk together the […]


Grilled Salmon Cucumber Wraps

Ingredients 3 Portions fresh Salmon Teriyaki Sauce Cucumber Watercress Pickled Ginger 1 Grapefruit (for garnish) Black Sesame Seeds (for garnish) Method Cut the fresh Salmon portions into long thick strips Heat up some Olive oil in a pan Season the salmon with salt and pepper Sear the Salmon in the griddle pan until lightly charred […]


Praline Bananas

Bananas come perfectly packaged inside a thick peel, making them perfect for cooking on the fire. The secret is to use bananas that are a bit on the green side, otherwise they become too soft during cooking. GAS BRAAIKETTLE BRAAI DIRECT WOOD OR CHARCOAL FIRE Serves 6–8 Ingredients 1 x 100 g packet pecan nuts, […]


Creamy Broccoli Soup

PREP TIME: 10minCOOK TIME: 20minSERVES: 6 servings Ingredients 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 4 shallots, peeled and sliced 1 1/2 pounds fresh broccoli florets, roughly chopped Kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth Hot water, if needed 12 ounces mascarpone cheese, divided  Directions Heat the oil in large pot over […]


Healing Chicken and Vegetable Soup

What’s one of the healthiest things you can ever make? Bone broth. And Pete explores it to the fullest. From Chicken Soup with naturopath Anthia Koullouros, to Katsuo Dashi with San Francisco’s Cortney Burns, to Wes Carr and Charlotte Gregg’s Baby Liver Paté. Guests include Sally Fallon from the Weston Price Foundation. Tip Poaching a […]

Donna Hay Fast Fresh Simple

Cheat’s Caramel Ice-cream

Serves 4–6 Ingredients 600ml single (pouring) cream 1 x 340g can caramel or dulce de leche Method Place the cream in a bowl and whisk until soft peaks have almost formed. Mix the caramel until smooth and fold into the cream. Place in a metal container and cover. Freeze for 3–4 hours or until firm. […]