Flip Addict

Flip Addict is a two-episode special. We follow Danielle Bryk as she fights her way through a renovation flip nightmare to transform a neglected home into a buyer’s dream.
For the last two years, Danielle’s design and renovation business had been thriving, but she felt something had been missing. Before embarking on a new career in design, Danielle had renovated and flipped six family homes over a 17-year period.  The self-described “flip addict” missed the excitement of buying, renovating and selling homes on both a tight budget and schedule.
For Flip Addict, Danielle bought a rundown house at a foreclosure auction that needed some serious work. She expected a challenge, but now she is realizing that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Between a deteriorating front porch, a plumbing disaster and a family of feral cats that have turned this home into their own, the scope of Danielle’s pet project has increased exponentially and a money shortage threatens to make the whole project come to a screeching halt.

Many sacrifices will have to be made in order for Danielle to keep this flip gamble afloat. Will her limited budget be enough to complete the home renovation? Will she make a profit or lose all her savings?

Episode 1

For the last two years, Danielle’s design and renovation business has been thriving, but this self-described Flip Addict missed the excitement of buying, renovating, and selling homes, which she had done 6 times over the last 17 years. She takes the plunge and buys a dilapidated house at her first blind foreclosure auction, spending more than she had budgeted. With the renovation of the main floor underway, she must resolve a pack of feral cats living in the house, a leaky roof, and overages with labour. Danielle soon realizes that in order to complete the rest of the house for a profitable sale, she must find a business partner who sees the same potential she does.

Episode 2

After realising what remains of her renovation budget, Danielle partners with Jose, a friend and realtor, to provide the funds necessary to complete the front yard and bathroom.  Not getting the amount of money she was looking for, she must now take the necessary steps to complete these projects in Jose’s new time frame – only 8 days before the house goes on the market.   Danielle’s plan is to give these spaces a quick face lift, but joist issues in the bathroom, a rotten porch, and lack of landscaping material, means Danielle will have to get her hands extra dirty and make sacrifices to get everything done on time, while still satisfying her standard of quality.  An open house leaves Danielle’s nerves on high-alert, as she waits for offers to come in, if any at all.  Hopefully her next tough decision will only be which offer to accept.