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On Fix It and Finish It, Antonio Sabato Jr. travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and helping to “fix and finish” their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up old RV, Antonio and his team are ready to tackle it all… in ONE DAY!

To pull this off, Antonio has enlisted the help of designers to help him create the perfect space for our homeowners. Each designer will bring in all the necessary specialists and subcontractors to create the perfect space for our unsuspecting and deserving family.

11-17 Jan: Episode 182

Our Home Is Our Office          

Can Antonio help a couple whose office paperwork and files have taken over their entire house?  Antonio and his team have their work cut out for them taming this office into a manageable space and making the new room both functional and stylish.

Episode 183

Baby’s New Garden           

EunSung and Jocelyne have a newborn baby.  Their backyard is barren which is sad because they both enjoy gardening.  Antonio arrives to discover that their patio is rotting away and could’ve fallen down at any moment.  Now Antonio and his team will repair their porch and bring fire and flowers to the backyard.

Episode 184

Pathetic Deck            

Jared and his Aunt have a pathetic deck and a yard that needs help.  They love to garden, but are not very good at.  Antonio and his team bring a dramatic new look to this deck, spruce up the backyard and bring a new doghouse too.

Episode 185

Accidental Flooding             

Antonio and his team visit Josh and Jared to help organize their basement and find a place for all of their stuff they are storing there.  But a seemingly simple job gets complicated when an accidental flooding stops the rebuild.  Will Antonio and his team be able to fix this water problem and finish this room in time?

Episode 186

Dream Bedroom             

When Chris’s Marine base closed he had to move his growing family as quickly as possible.  Antonio and his team will help them move into their new home and give them their dream bedroom.

Episode 187

New Recruits             

Shawn and Angie are Army recruiters who have a new home.  Their living room has been wrecked by their messy but adorable twins.  Now Antonio and his team will bring in new furniture and brand new carpeting to their crowded family room.

Episode 188

Garage Gym               

Casey and Marissa are fitness enthusiasts that just moved in together.  All of her boxes took over the garage gym so that they can’t work out.  Antonio and his team, with the help of Carolina Panthers Safety Roman Harper, will completely refurbish the gym of this deserving family.

Episode 189

Backyard Karaoke Party               

Julie and Robert love to play with their kids in their backyard but they haven’t been able to maintain the landscaping.  Also their deck is crumbling and it’s becoming a hazard for their two girls, and they don’t have the funds to fix it.  Can Antonio and his team bring the fun and music back to their yard?

Episode 190

More Storage Please               

Jill and Matt Jones and their children need a new family room.  Their growing family is taking over the room and their carpet is impossible to keep clean.   Antonio and his team will build them a new playroom and family room except that a problem with the flooring threatens to derail the whole project.