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On Fix It and Finish It, Antonio Sabato Jr. travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and helping to “fix and finish” their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up old RV, Antonio and his team are ready to tackle it all… in ONE DAY!

To pull this off, Antonio has enlisted the help of designers to help him create the perfect space for our homeowners. Each designer will bring in all the necessary specialists and subcontractors to create the perfect space for our unsuspecting and deserving family.

22 – 28 April: Episode 164 – Industrial style in the backyard

Antonio and his crew are heading to the first home of Mason Meredith and Becca Burrus. They moved in together and bought their first home. They have spent a lot of money renovating the house but they are now out of time, money and energy and need help with their incomplete deck.

Episode 165 – Backyard mud pit

Derek & Kay are newlyweds who just purchased their first home, a 1904 Victorian shotgun. They both work for non-profit groups and they are both interested in water conservation. Their backyard is a muddy mess and it will take Antonio to work his magic to give them the best backyard possible.

Episode 166 – 1970’s kitchen nightmare

Jesse & Megan are a young and recently engaged couple. They are first time homeowners with a 1975 kitchen nightmare. While saving every penny for their mortgage and upcoming wedding, they do not have the means to bring their kitchen up to date. Now it’s up to Antonio and his team to give them a stylish and modernized kitchen.

Episode 167 – In need of a clean. New kitchen

Brad and Ashlie live in their old home with their three kids. One of their daughters Hallie is fighting leukaemia. Since Hadley can’t be around dust or construction, Antonio’s mission is to refurbish and sanitize their kitchen in one day so this family can be healthy in their home.

Episode 168 – Loft playroom

Frank and Liz want to be cool parents to their teenage children. But their kids don’t want to bring their friends over to spend time in their old-fashioned, cluttered loft playroom. Antonio and his team will bring pizzazz to this boring room and turn it into the coolest hangout ever.

Episode 169 – A backyard for the troops

Ben and Jami are both veterans and work for veteran services. They need Antonio and his team to transform their overgrown backyard into an outdoor sanctuary. But they have to race against time to finish all of the yard work before the coming rainstorm.

Episode 170 – Living room by the lake

Melissa and Steven have inherited their new home from Melissa’s parents. But unfortunately the living room is in need of repairs and full of old antique furniture that clutters up the view of Lake Erie. Now Antonio and his team will rip down the peeling yellow wallpaper and make it into a beautiful lakeside retreat.

Episode 171 – Bedroom for a Cleveland cop

Mark is a full-time cop, part time firefighter. He and his wife Ann have a dreary Master Bedroom that needs help. Antonio and his team will do a stylish bedroom renovation for this hard-working cop/fireman and will also throw in a bathroom makeover just for fun.

Episode 172 – Pet lovers’ home office

Carlos and Michelle are trying to start a new online pet company. But their home office is tiny and cluttered with mementos from their old, failed business. With Antonio’s help hopefully a new, organized office that maximizes their limited space will inspire a fresh start for Michelle and Carlos in their new endeavour.

Episode 173 – Flooded family room

Pete and Therese recently experienced a flooded basement that wiped out their family room. But before Antonio and his team can implement their stylish new makeover they discover cracks in the foundation of the home. Will this horrible news derail this makeover before it even starts?

Episode 174 – Helpers to homeless need a kitchen

Tim and Amber work for the city of Cleveland trying to help the homeless problem after the economic downturn. But they need Antonio’s help to rejuvenate their outdated, run-down kitchen. Can Antonio and his design team bring some relief to this cash strapped family with a modern new kitchen?

Episode 175 – Snowstorm makeover

Antonio and his team arrive during a Cleveland snowstorm. But like the Postal Service, two feet of snow and biting cold won’t stop Antonio from delivering a stylish new kitchen to this young couple.