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On Fix It and Finish It, Antonio Sabato Jr. travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and helping to “fix and finish” their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up old RV, Antonio and his team are ready to tackle it all… in ONE DAY!

To pull this off, Antonio has enlisted the help of designers to help him create the perfect space for our homeowners. Each designer will bring in all the necessary specialists and subcontractors to create the perfect space for our unsuspecting and deserving family.

20 – 26 Jan 2020: Episode 37 – Basement Buddies

Eric Carwell and his son, Eric, are energetic and funny men, with a strong father-son bond. With Eric not having the funds or time to renovate their basement, it would be nice to have Fix It & Finish It’s help, as the room is currently used as a dumping ground.

Episode 38 – Jungle Gym

In Jackson, Mississippi, the Fix it and Finish It team help the Edwards transform a backyard into a playground.

Episode 39 – Shipwreck Of A Bedroom

Antonio and his team meet the Lewis’s’, a deserving family with 6 boys and not enough beds.

Episode 40 – Light At The End Of The Hall

Antonio and his team help a single Mother Tiffany and her Son Miles.  Changing the room from dark to light would give the Wheeler’s a fresh new outlook into their future.

Episode 41 – New Lease

Jean Sabastian and LaShonda Rene have weathered many trials over the years. The Fix It & Finish Team surprises them with a new living room.

Episode 42 – Deck Down Below

After hiring a bad contractor, Rick and Dana were left with a hazardous deck and no repair in sight.  Antonio and the Team Houseworks come to the rescue!

Episode 43 – Healing Wounds

Pam Pybas and Miriam Sacibal are a couple living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Their kitchen has many issues that need to be resolved. In it’s dilapidated state, it is a reminder of a hard time in the couples life. The Fix It & Finish It definitely help heal some wounds

Episode 44 – Bocce Buddies

Single Dad, Marcus Burger wants to have a safe backyard for his two children.  Antonio makes his dreams come true.

Episode 45 – Double The Fun

Jenell and Brena are both twin sisters and first time homeowners. Currently their backyard is barren. The only structural features are fire ant hills, and old fence and a drainage swell. The sisters would love a backyard that is inviting, and relaxing.

Episode 46 – Cats In The Kitchen

Darren and Malia live in their house in Jackson, Mississippi with their one year-old Evan, but their cats get more use out of their kitchen than they do.  Antonio and his team will help them completely remodel and update their old-fashioned kitchen to bring them a cat-free cooking environment.

Episode 47 – Old Capitol Inn

Antonio is brought in to refurbish the roof area of the family-owned Old Capitol Inn in downtown Jackson, turning it into a stylish lounge.

Episode 48 – Bricks In The Wall

Rachel and Christopher spend their free time doing charity work and have never had the time to finish their empty office.  Antonio helps them tear down the wall to their backyard.

Episode 49 – Shed To Sunroom

Antonio helps clear out a room filled with storage, and gives a mother and daughter the sunroom they’ve been dreaming about.

Episode 50 – Helping Out A Friend

When tragedy strikes the Shelley family Antonio brings together a team of local contractors to help finish an uncompleted deck project.

Episode 51 – The Jungle In The Backyard

Daniel and Anna Beth are a young couple with a backyard that’s overgrown and out of control. It will take Antonio and a huge landscaping team to trim a massive tree and build a beautiful arbor in the untamed jungle of a yard.

Episode 52 – You Work In A Closet

Catherine and Alan Smith have a tiny home office. They need Antonio to help turn this cramped closet into a functional office with desk, living area and extra storage.  Is Antonio up to the large task in a small space?

Episode 53 – Family Room Disaster

Dave and Claire live with their two sons live in a beautiful home in Memphis, Tennessee.  Dave has been using the family room as a work room while refurbishing their home.  But they badly need Antonio to help turn it into a comfortable living room because it’s currently unsafe for the kids to play in.

Episode 54 – Bricks, Bricks And More Bricks

Rebecca and Jodi bought a home together but unexpected sewer and roof repairs have exhausted their savings.  They need Antonio to work his magic on their barren brick patio of a backyard. Can Antonio and his team bring some plants and color to this couple’s lifeless yard?

Episode 55 – Living Room Gymnasium

The Curry family’s living room is currently a storage space for exercise equipment.  But Fredrika would love to have a comfortable living area to spend more time with her three girls.  Can Antonio bring the living back into the living room?

Episode 56 – My Dad Fell Through The Ceiling

Brad and his father Steve have been renovating their family home together, but the work stalled out in the kitchen after Steve fell through the ceiling.  Can Antonio and his team bring some love to this family and update and finish their kitchen before anything else can happen?

Episode 57 – Lightning In Mama’s Kitchen

The Diffee family have a cramped old-fashioned kitchen that was actually struck by lightning.  Is this a sign that Antonio will help them remodel their kitchen?

Episode 58 – Shotgun Shack Wedding

Robin and Mike are getting married and want to convert their storage room into an extra bedroom.  Antonio and his team bring secret tips on how to maximize the space of a small room.

Episode 59 – Purple Porch And A Pink Door

First time homeowner Samantha has a sad front porch.  She would love something vibrant with pretty colors and some landscaping.  Antonio his team have some offbeat ideas, like a purple porch and a pink door that will hopefully make this home more inviting.

Episode 60 – Grandma’s Porch Swing

Newlyweds Patrick and Rachel refurbished the interior of their home themselves.  But they ran out of money when it came time to finish their front porch.  Antonio will need his huge team of workers to totally transform their front yard.