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Antonio Sabato Jr., travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and helping to “fix and finish” their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up old RV, Antonio and his team are ready to tackle it all… in ONE DAY! To pull this off, Antonio has enlisted the help of designers to help him create the perfect space for our homeowners. Each designer will bring in all the necessary specialists and subcontractors to create the perfect space for our unsuspecting and deserving family.

10 – 16 Dec: Episode 18 – A LOFTY BEDROOM

Antonio surprises the Erickson’s, who want to give their son Isaac a new bedroom. The team promises Isaac a new room that he will be proud to show to his friends.

17 – 23 Dec: Episode 19 – PROPER PARLOR PARTY

Mardi Gras will be running through the space that Antonio makes over in this NOLA party house! With the help of his team, Courtney Bullock receives a makeover she can only dream of.

24 – 30 Dec: Episode 20 – BARREN BACKYARD

Antonio surprises Nicole and gets a walk through of her fun home, but bare backyard. She’s a first time homeowner, tired of working on the inside of the home, and ready for a relaxing outdoors oasis!

31 Dec – 06 Jan: Episode 21 – UPDATED HEIRLOOM

Carol loves her home; it originally belonged to her father and after he passed, has become hers. Antonio makes over this living room that’s not lived in.

07 – 13 Jan:Episode 22 – HIDEAWAY HAVEN

Bren Broussard wants to have a backyard haven for her mother to enjoy. This overgrown pool area is going to become a perfect slice of New Orleans after Antonio and team arrives!