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On Fix It and Finish It, Antonio Sabato Jr. travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and helping to “fix and finish” their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up old RV, Antonio and his team are ready to tackle it all… in ONE DAY!

To pull this off, Antonio has enlisted the help of designers to help him create the perfect space for our homeowners. Each designer will bring in all the necessary specialists and subcontractors to create the perfect space for our unsuspecting and deserving family.

01-07 June: Episode 56

My Dad Fell Through The Ceiling

Brad and his father Steve have been renovating their family home together, but the work stalled out in the kitchen after Steve fell through the ceiling.  Can Antonio and his team bring some love to this family and update and finish their kitchen before anything else can happen?

Episode 57 – Lightning In Mama’s Kitchen

The Diffee family have a cramped old-fashioned kitchen that was actually struck by lightning.  Is this a sign that Antonio will help them remodel their kitchen?

Episode 58 – Shotgun Shack Wedding

Robin and Mike are getting married and want to convert their storage room into an extra bedroom.  Antonio and his team bring secret tips on how to maximize the space of a small room.

Episode 59 – Purple Porch And A Pink Door

First time homeowner Samantha has a sad front porch.  She would love something vibrant with pretty colors and some landscaping.  Antonio his team have some offbeat ideas, like a purple porch and a pink door that will hopefully make this home more inviting.

Episode 60 – Grandma’s Porch Swing

Newlyweds Patrick and Rachel refurbished the interior of their home themselves.  But they ran out of money when it came time to finish their front porch.  Antonio will need his huge team of workers to totally transform their front yard.