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South African home design and architecture has truly come into its own over the last decade. Bland imitations have made way for modern masterpieces and character-filled design. Finest Homes explores these creations, talking to the visionaries who are bringing them to life, as well as the people who live in them. Host, Juliet Newel, will take us through the spaces, showcasing both the architecture and interior design. She’ll also offer up tips and ideas for you to recreate some of these looks in your own home.


12 – 18 Feb: Episode 6

This home has a surprise around every corner.  It’s sophisticated, yet there’s the undeniable element of playfulness.  Feature walls, select furniture pieces – this is a must see.

Episode 7

Everyone loves to see the transformation of an old Parkhurst house brought to life through extensive renovations. A few years ago, a young couple bought a seventies-styled house. They stripped it down, knocked out walls, remodeled the spaces and then called in interior designer Joy Liedtke to pull it all together! She may be a newcomer on the interior décor and design scene, but she certainly knows how to create magnificent interiors! Her knack for selecting the right pieces, furniture and fabrics is evident in this home. She’s used salmon pinks with soft lime greens in the lounge – a bold colour choice but certainly a showstopper!

Episode 8

Interior designer Derrick Tabbert is known for his unpredictable interiors. His colour and furniture selections could be seen as unusual but his knack for getting the balance just right ensures each project is a masterpiece. It’s no different in this Parkview home. Each room has an element of surprise like a bright red wall with a collection of different mirrors, a pearl chandelier in the entrance hall, and a bedroom with walls painted in royal blue.