Fake concrete log


Fake concrete log (For the garden)

  1. To make the silicone mould apply thin layers of silicone onto the log and build up to a thickness of 10mm and allow to dry over night then remove the mould From the log
  2. Roll up chicken wire to the same size as the log close up one end.
  3. Roll up old newspapers into ball then push newspaper into the wire cage.
  4. Use a dowel or stick to help push the newspaper tightly into the wire cage
  5. Mix 4 parts Plaster sand to 1 part cement to create the required mortar mix. Remember not to make mixture too runny.
  6. Apply the mortar mix onto the wire cage and build up to a thickness of 030mm.
  7. Place silicone mould over the wet mortar mix and press firmly and leave it to dry
  8. When the log has completely dried then use a concrete stainer (available at hardware stores) to stain the log so that it resembles the real log in nature.
  9. Apply first coat of the concrete stainer and leave it to dry. If you are not happy with the colour – apply a second coat.

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