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Series 5 of ‘Escape to the Chateau’ follows the adventures of Dick and Angel Strawbridge as they continue to bring their magical 19th Century, 45-room chateau back to life. Having lain empty for the best part of half a century, Dick and Angel are working flat out to create luxurious guest suites, a thriving wedding business, and most of all a beautiful home, for them and their two children, 5-year-old Arthur and 4 year old Dorothy to live. A big part of the French dream includes Angel’s parents, Jenny and Steve, who live in stage 1 of the renovation of the ginormous Coach house on the estate.

Drawing on their state of the art engineering solutions, and exquisite interior design, this year will be just as frantic for the Strawbridge’s. Angels finally getting her ‘treasure room’, a special room in the attic, where she can design and work, and there’s the top corner suite in the turret over looking the walled garden to renovate. But true to style, that’s not all; Angel’s got her sights on taking the inside of the chateau – out! There’s a state of the art glamping area to build in time for the first guests of the season, as well as phase 2 of the renovation of the coach house for Jenny and Steve.

13-19 July: Episode 10

The Great Outdoors

In this special episode we look back at how five years ago, the abandoned walled garden stole Dick and Angel’s hearts. Dick and Angel recount the moment they took their very first steps into the derelict Orangerie, and what has recently become the Potagerie Suite. Angel reflects on how much she has fallen in love with the country lifestyle, with the children growing up learning about seasons, livestock and wild life and Dick is in his element having transformed the walled garden into a land of plenty the original gardeners would be proud of.