Escape to the Chateau

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Like 10,000 others from the UK every year, Dick Strawbridge has decided to uproot his young family from the UK and move to France. Dick and his partner Angel are leaving a 2-bedroom flat in Southend for a 45-room chateau in northern France. It has 12 acres of land, 9 other buildings and is surrounded by a moat.

But no-one has lived there for over 40 years. It has no electricity, no water, and the sewage runs into the moat…

This series follows the Strawbridge family over a year – from shopping for chateaux with an estate agent to overcoming huge hurdles to transform this wreck into a stunning home, just in time for their wedding.

This is the ultimate fairy-tale. But it doesn’t go smoothly as they find more problems than they bargained for. Their home is also a habitat for wildlife – with bats, birds and millions of flies all living alongside them…

Above all else, this is a series focussing on engineering, lifestyle and art, as the chateau transforms into a thing of beauty.

12-18 April: 

After successfully hosting a three day wedding at their French chateau, Dick and Angel are now keen to expand their business ideas.