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Is your home in need of a little improvement? Welcome to Dream Home Ideas.

This 20 episode series delivers bite sized ideas & tips for anyone seeking inspiration for their own dream home.  Hosted by Gary Takle & starring the best builders, architects, interior designers & landscape designers around, Dream Home Ideas is filled with many home and garden – light bulb moments.

Each episode has a specific focus with themes such as ‘Cool Pools’, ‘Into Interiors’ & ‘Seriously Sustain-ably’; all jam packed full of dream home ideas.

27 Nov – 03 Dec: Episode 1 – Crazy Kitchens

The hub and the heart of any home is the kitchen. We take an up close and polished look at a variety of kitchen designs with plenty of tips and tricks you can use in your own home.

04 Dec – 10 Dec: Episode 2 – Holiday Homes

What better way to get inspiration for your own home, than to stay at someone else’s! This episode Gary heads to the Gold Coast to experience first hand, these luxury stays.

11 Dec – 17 Dec: Episode 3 – Into Interiors

It’s one thing to build your home but it’s another to furnish it. We learn the tips, tricks and trends from the pros of what’s hot in interior design right now.

18 Dec – 24 Dec: Episode 4 – Living with a View

Have you ever dreamt of living with an ocean view? A tree view? Or even a view you can change with a click of a button? This episode we check out how to take advantage of your view.

25 Dec – 31 Dec: Episode 5 – Sustainability

Many people want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, but don’t know where to start. This episode we get many wise tips from sustainable living experts.

01 Jan – 07 Jan: Episode 6 – Great Gardens

What really sets off a great home, is a great garden. It can give a beautiful softening of the home’s bold materials or it could be an extension of its clean lines. This episode we look at gardens that will hopefully inspire your own light bulb moment.

Episode 7 – Rocking Renos

If we’re not building the great Australian dream, we’re renovating it. This episode we look at some amazing transformations and find out some tips and tricks on how to achieve them.

Episode 8 – Outdoor Living

Your home isn’t really quite complete until it has an awesome outdoor space. On this episode we’re going to look at some amazing projects and get some ideas and inspiration for your own outdoor space.

Episode 9 – Beautiful Bathrooms

In this episode we look at how you can improve your bathroom, on any budget. Whether your looking for a quick upgrade or ripping everything out and starting from scratch, there’ll be bathroom inspiration galore.

Episode 10 – Wow Apartments

There are many advantages to living in an apartment and in this episode we’re going to look at some vertical living projects and ideas that will suit any budget.

Episode 11 – Enigma Interiors

In this episode we check out a variety of different interior styles by industry experts Enigma Interiors. We’ll see old world charm to modern day chic, there’s something to suit any interior inspiration needs.

Episode 12 – Living on water

Ever dreamt of transforming your modest home into a luxury resort? On today’s show we’re going to take you through some of Australia’s most opulent abodes known for their ultimate staycation vibe.

Episode 13 – Beach Houses

The beach is certainly our number one spot to visit during the holidays. If you want some ideas on where to stay, look no further because in this episode we’ll be inspiring your next luxurious vacation for those trips to the beach.

Episode 14 – Technology

So you have the perfect home but want to make your lifestyle a little easier. In this episode we’ll discover how technology is changing our living habits.

Episode 15 – Prefab

Owning an eco friendly home is the way of the future. But what’s the most cost efficient way of doing this? Have you ever considered a prefab home? Most people think of a small box that’ll blow away in the wind but wait till you see these Prefab beauties.

Episode 16 – Bright Outdoor ideas

Are you looking to open up your home and extend your living to the backyard? In this episode we’ll be sharing some of the hottest trends in outdoor living and showing you how to create a brighter outdoors.

Episode 17 – Luxury Living

If you’re looking to put some bling back into your box then you’ve come to the right place, in this episode we’ll be hearing from some of the leading experts in interior design.

Episode 18 – Renovation

In this episode we’ll be taking you through some of the best design ideas for residential renovations. Whatever stage you’re at and whatever your budget, we have something for everyone.

Episode 19 – Cool Pools

On this episode we’ll show you how a pool could be just the ticket to creating your very own water views. And we check out some amazing pools that will give you plenty of ideas about your own dream pool.

Episode 20 – Dream Home Ideas

Can we achieve perfection in our quest to create the dream home? Whether your ultimate goal is to have everything custom designed or to be totally self sufficient; on today’s show we’ll discover some of the best ways to achieve what you want.