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Bread Bin

Space is often in demand in modern homes and sometimes we need to make sacrifices when choosing furniture, but the beauty of making a project yourself is that you can customize your own solution. The Get It Done team build a seat that doubles as a mobile storage unit. They also chat to an upholstery […]

Breakfast Tray & Serviette Holder

What you will need GST 18 Jigsaw Break fast tray -Pine 20mm Router Tray Long sides 700 x 70mm  – 2 pieces PSR 18 Cordless drill Tray short sides 350 x 70mm – 2 pieces Spray Gun Legs – 250 x 40mm – 4 pieces PSR 10.8 screwdriver 16mm meranti dowel sticks 450mm long x […]

Build A Laundry Cabinet

Tools Jig Saw PSR 18 volt Cordless drill PSR 10.8 volt cordless Dremel cordless driver 8200 Dremel cordless rotary plus metal speed clic cutter PEX 220 Eccentric sander PFS spray gun Bosch router with round over bit Material list Supa wood 16mm 1600 x 600 mm – 2 pieces 868 x 600 mm – 3 […]

Builders – DIY Made Easy

The Home Channel and DIY giant BUILDERS bring you innovative DIY projects and gardening advice suitable for young and old. Let our DIY and gardening experts inspire and guide you through fun projects that you can recreate at home… Outdoor Drinks Table Having an outdoor drinks table is the ultimate luxury when it comes to […]

Builders – DIY Made Easy – Archives

The Home Channel and DIY giant BUILDERS bring you innovative DIY projects and gardening advice suitable for young and old. DIY Expert Andrew Donkin is armed with exciting decorative DIY’s, while Tanya Visser brings expert year-round gardening advice and tips to viewers. Concrete Door Stop With the versatility of cement – creativity knows no end. […]

Building a Go Kart

The Get It Done Team build a go kart under the watchful eye and help of some 7th graders from Crawford Prep College. The idea is for the students to learn how to build a go kart and then compete in a race day against other Crawford Colleges who also build replica carts based on […]

Cabinet revamp

Material List: Material list Power tools Paint Cordless screw driver Spray on primer PSM 18 VLI Orbital sander Spray on silver PEX 220 eccentric sander Masking tape PFS Spray gun Piano hinge   Here are the steps Step 1: Strip the old doors off Step 2: Remove handles and hinges Step 3: Sand everything Step […]

Cake Stand

What you will need: Tools Material list GST 18 Jig saw 16mm Supa wood 18 volt Cordless Drill driver  Top – 400mm x 400mm – 1 piece PSR 10.8 Legs 400 mm x 300mm – 2 pieces spray gun Water based All purpose primer  Pex 220 sander Water based paint  PSM 18 volt sander qtr […]

Camping Vanity

A camping vanity is ideal for people who enjoy camping but would like a few additional conveniences like a portable washing basin. See how Peter and Annalien build this project that has the option of being made into a permanent feature at home. You will need Tools Materials Primo sander meranti 20mm (we can also […]

Cheese Grater & Wine Rack

This is what you’ll need Material List Tools 20mm Meranti PDB 40 Drill Press 250mm x 140mm – 2 pieces PST 18 Jig Saw 250mm x 135mm – 1 piece PLS 300 Jig saw guide 250mm x 91mm – 1 piece Cordless drills (18 volt) 210mm x 91mm – 2 pieces PEX 220 Random Orbital […]

Chest of Drawers Renovation

If you have a forgotten piece of furniture at home, then this week’s episode of Get It Done might inspire you. Peter and Annalien renovates an old chest of drawers into a show piece. Material List: Pex Sander Pine 20mm PAR NB PSR 1080 cordless screw driver Top 600mm x 1200mm – 1 piece (grain […]

Children’s Desk

Kids projects are always fun as it allows you to play around with shapes and colours. In this week’s episode Peter and Annalien show you how to build a kids writing desk – with enough room to let your creativity go wild! You will need Tools Material list PST 18 Jigsaw Ply wood 18mm (NB […]

Clothes Hanger

Annalien and Peter make a portable clothes hanger that can be used to hang clothes whilst ironing and then transported to the cupboard. It can also be used to replace a cupboard if need be. See how they build it in a few easy steps. You will need Tools Materials PBS 75 belt sander (80 […]

Clothes Horse

If storage is a problem when guests stay over then Peter and Annalien have a great project for you. With clean lines and rustic timber the clothes horse is a great solution for additional storage space. You will need: Tools Material PCM compound sliding Mitre Saw Brandering 38 x 38mm NB MUST BE STRAIGHT PST […]

Coat Rack

Annalien pre prepare templates. 1800 height and no wider than 600. Note two different templates. Draw out templates on ply wood and cut out. Cut out middle slot where both sides fit together. Cut out base Join sides and base together Cut and fit qtr rounds Decorate Varnish That’s how we get it done.   […]