Hanging Garden Bench

What you will need:

Tools Material list
GST 18 vli plus pls 300 guide Pine (planed all round) (meranti is better, but im not sure you will get all the sizes)
18 volt Cordless Drill driver  frame bottom and back. 114mm x 38mm – 614mm – 6 pieces
PSR 10.8 cross slats  114mm x 38mm x 800 mm – 3 pieces
spray gun arm rest uprights – 50 x 75mm x 500 mm – 4 pieces
Pex 220 sander seat slats 20mm x 70mm x 600mm – 14 pieces
PSM 18 volt sander Chain – (big enough to hold a bench as per the picture) 2 x 3mtr pieces
Router D or U shackle to attach chain to eye bolt – 6 pieces
  Eye bolts – needs to be same size as chain and d shackle must fit through – 4 pieces NB must fit through 38mm timber
  washers and nuts to fit eye bolts x 4 of each 
  4 x 50mm screws
  4 x 40mm screws
  waterproof glue
  Varnish (we can use clear and do a similar effect we did with the herb garden or we can get a dark wood colour from cedar)
  Rope – Nylon ski rope to hang bench in tree.

Steps For building a Hanging Garden Chair.

  1. Start with the frame underneath
  2. Attach back frame to bottom frame
  3. Fit arm rest uprights
  4. Rout cross slats
  5. Fit cross slats to seat and back
  6. Attach arm rests
  7. Sand and varnish
  8. Drill holes for eye bolts and attach with washers
  9. Fit D/U shackles and chain
  10. Attach to ceiling

Download and Print the plan

Hanging Garden Bench

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