Entertainment Unit

You will need:

Tools Material list
PSR 18-vli Cordless Drill 16mm Supa wood 
PSR 10.8 cordless screwdriver Top 1200 x 400mm – 2 pieces
spray gun Bottom 1200 x 400mm – 1 piece
Pex 220 sander Leg sides – 422 x 368mm – 4 pieces 
PSM 18 volt sander Leg front and back – 422 x 200mm – 4 pieces 
Router CD shelf sides 422 x 400mm – 2 pieces
  CD shelf inserts 168 x 400mm – 2 pieces
  Glass – 4mm thick. 298 x 398mm – 2 pieces (edges sanded so that we don’t cut our hands)
  legs x 6 (any modern type will work)
  glass shelf brackets – plastic clear type. (same as we used in the past that push into a drilled hole and glass rests on top.)
  3 x 30 chipboard screws
  4 x 25mm chipboard screws
  wood glue
  Varnish – Indonesian teak or dark mahogonay (Grip Seal has both colours) x 1 ltr (get 2 ltrs just in case, we can always refund extra)
  Wood filler – dark
  plastic corner brackets (brown – I think you still have from another project)

Steps for building an Entertainment Unit

  1. Top – join two pieces together to make a thick top.
  2. Legs – (we make two thick legs)
    Mark out where sides join the front and back.
    Drill pilot holes and join all four sides together – repeat for other leg.
  3. Attach legs to top and bottom
  4. CD shelf
    Mark out where inserts fit into shelves sides and attach Fit CD shelf into cabinet
  5. Drill holes for glass brackets
  6. Rout edges on top, sand and varnish
  7. fit feet and glass

Download and Print the plan

Entertainment unit building plan

This week’s Bosch Tool Tip